Aditya called out his mother’s name as accused stabbed him: Police

Aditya called out his mother’s name as accused stabbed him: Police

KIDNAP-MURDER Cops probing how accused both MBA graduates got into gambling.

KIDNAP-MURDER Cops probing how accused both MBA graduates got into gambling.

Investigation into the murder of 13-year-old son of a diamond broker has revealed that the boy died a cruel and gruesome death,begging for mercy and crying out his mother’s name,police said Wednesday.

The accused slit Aditya Ranka’s wrists even as he pleaded with ‘bhaiya’ to spare him,and his body was dumped later,said police. Himanshu Ranka (25) and Vijesh Sanghvi (28),both residents of Girgaum,were arrested Tuesday. Himanshu,who is Aditya’s cousin,was the alleged mastermind and Vijesh executed the crime.

“Sanghvi,who has had business dealings in Navi Mumbai,knew that the area around Amba river is secluded. After reaching the area,he slit Aditya’s wrists and drove for some time. However,with Aditya bleeding profusely and crying,he pulled over and forced him into the boot. He then took the boy to Pali village in Raigad where he stabbed him several times and burnt him. Vijesh told us that that Aditya was calling him bhaiya and crying for his mother,” said an officer.


Police are also probing how the accused,both MBA graduates,fell prey to gambling and incurred heavy debts that allegedly prompted them to execute the crime.

“Himanshu did his MBA from Rajasthan and Sanghvi from an institute in Bangalore,after which both entered the metal business. Sanghvi has been a family friend of the Rankas for the last 10 years The two started betting on cricket matches around five years ago,” said an officer.

“When Sanghvi called the Ranka residence on Tuesday morning posing as an associate of Aditya’s father Jitendra,Aditya was reluctant to go. However,when Sanghvi called a second time,Aditya’s mother told him go,saying that he only had to collect a set of keys and return. When Aditya showed up at the spot,Sanghvi asked him to sit in the car. As Aditya knew and trusted him,he complied,” said senior inspector Rajendra Chavan,VP Road police station.

Sanghvi first told Aditya that the keys were in Byculla,and later that they were in Sion. Sanghvi also gave Aditya his cell phone to play games,said additional commissioner of police Krishna Prakash (south region).

With Aditya distracted,Sanghvi made the ransom call to Jitendra from a public phone in Sion and then proceeded to Navi Mumbai,said Prakash. He bought Aditya a burger on the way,and stopped to refuel the car. It was then that he bought the dagger that was used in the crime,said an officer.

Police have now sought the CCTV footage of the petrol pump on Sion-Panvel Road.

Police said Himanshu,who stays in the same building as Jitendra, stopped him when he was rushing to the police station and insisted on coming along. Himanshu was in constant touch with Sanghvi on the phone and kept providing him situation updates. Sanghvi reached the police station on Tuesday night,but Aditya’s slippers in the car gave the duo away.

The accused have been remanded in police custody till May 24.

He wanted to be a cricketer: Neighbours

AT Aditya Ranka’s Khetwadi residence,relatives and neighbours offered condolences and remembered their colony’s aspiring cricketer and sports enthusiast.

Aditya lived with his parents and elder brother at Pawapuri Building. Friends recalled that while his elder brother was always interested in academics,Aditya was into sports and outdoor activities. “He always wanted to be a cricketer,” recalled his aunt Rakhi Jain. Aditya,a student of St Xaviers School,had cleared his Std VI exam. He had just returned from a trip to Dubai.


“He was a big football and cricket fan,” said a relative.