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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A lean feat

Tetsuma opened in 2006,and at the time was one of the first stand-alones to offer Japanese food; it was an excellent and more affordable alternative to Wasabi.

Written by MangalDalal | Published: February 10, 2009 2:32:44 am

Beat the recession by having the same fabulous food at better prices

Minoo Desai Marg,Colaba

Tetsuma opened in 2006,and at the time was one of the first stand-alones to offer Japanese food; it was an excellent and more affordable alternative to Wasabi. It outdid Wasabi in one aspect,though,by offering a fantastically priced set meal in 2007 in the form of the humble Bento box. Currently,Tetsuma offers three bento options priced between Rs 500- Rs 800,as well as two sushi-only bentos priced at Rs 750. We were surprised to learn of their regulars. “We tend to get groups of Japanese and Korean businessmen during the day; local residents of Mumbai seem to come only for dinner,” says Chef James Biaka who has previously worked in Bangalore at the only two Japanese restaurants there,Dahlia and Harima. We liked the Crab California roll,the Bamboo shoot salad and the Black cod in miso (although the cod could have been fresher). The Beef bulgogi was slightly sweeter than we would have liked,but the Tiramisu made up for all that.

Rating Good

Call 2287 6578

India Jones

Hotel Trident,Nariman Point

INDIA Jones at the Trident has a Korean set menu at Rs 950,and a Dim Sum menu at Rs 1,250. While the dim sum menu is a great option,we would recommend the Korean set menu purely for diversity as you get a peek at their most popular Korean dishes. “We try to balance between authenticity and the Indian palate. However we ensure that we maintain basic tradition,such as

incorporating ample sesame and sesame oil,” says executive chef Joy Bhattacharya. They certainly seem to have got it right,with the Broiled tenderloin (Kal Bi Gooi) and Barbecued pork (Deaji Bul Gogi),both excellent. The Chicken and steamed red snapper options were nice,but not as good. Their Water chestnut in jelly topped with iced coconut milk (Tab Tim Krob) was a fabulous end to the meal,although the set menu itself incorporates a healthier

option of fresh fruits.

Rating Very Good

Call 6632 5757

Pan Asian

ITC Grand Maratha,Sahar

PAN Asian offers three set menus plus a sushi and a sashimi menu,but confusingly enough the model is for the entire table (or a minimum of two people) to share the entire menu rather than have individual choice. Essentially,one gets to choose a menu rather than the contents within the menu,although they are always open to personal choice. The set menus range from Rs 950 to Rs 1,800,with the sushi and sashimi menus at Rs 1,450. The good thing is that the food is spot-on. The Salt and Pepper prawns were too lightly seasoned for us,but the prawns were deliciously fresh. The Shredded duck in Hoisin sauce was very good as were the Stir-fried Chinese greens and the Red curry,but the rest weren’t memorable.

Rating Good

Call 2830 3030


The Grand Hyatt,Kalina

IT seems odd that in a city that has credible diversity in cuisines,only the oriental ones seem to have set lunches aimed at corporate clientele. Celini at the Grand Hyatt breaks the trend by offering a

reasonably priced set lunch — the Pizza set lunch is Rs 999,the Pasta Rs 1,299 and the Main Course set lunch Rs 1,499. The worst part of the Pizza meal was the extremely skip-able mixed salad,but the rest more than made up for it. Celini is famous for its pizza,and rightly so. We would,however,recommend the Main course set menu as it is the culinary superior option. The Beef carpaccio was divine,as was the Grilled trout. “We have a lot of seafood options on our menu currently which we will change before monsoon and have more summery dishes,” says chef Fabio Mariella. Any Italian restaurant,for us,is defined by its Tiramisu,and Celini does not disappoint.

Rating Excellent

Call 6676 1234


Nariman Point

VONGWong,located in the heart of the corporate district in South Mumbai,offers a set lunch menu at Rs 550 and two dim sum options at Rs 695 (six plates) and 595 (four plates). We can tell you from the outset to go for the superior dim sum option,especially because proved to be perfectly balanced between substantial and gluttonous. The hot and sour soup was nice but slightly harsh on the throat. The Steamed prawn dumpling and Chicken sui mai were outstanding,and the rest were nice. The Express set lunch wasn’t appreciated as much with the Crispy mixed vegetables having a bit too much lime dressing. The Sweet corn soup wasn’t memorable,but the Green Thai curry and Mango ice cream were good.

Rating Good

Call 6620 8000

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