NCP thwarts CM Prithviraj Chavan’s attempt to apologise for Ajit Pawar

NCP thwarts CM Prithviraj Chavan’s attempt to apologise for Ajit Pawar

Opposition demands extension of budget session by a week.

NCP thwarted Tuesday an attempt by CM Prithviraj Chavan to make a statement in both Houses of the legislature to end the controversy over alleged crude remarks made by dy CM Ajit Pawar on drought and load shedding in the state.

Leader of House Chavan had prepared a detailed statement which he wanted to read out. However,Ajit argued: “I have already tendered an apology. Why should one drag the Chief Minister in the matter.”

Other NCP ministers and MLAs also expressed a similar sentiment.

State party chief Madhukar Pichad said,“You cannot turn the budget session into an apology session. The controversial remarks were made by Pawar at a public meeting,not in Vidhan Bhawan. He has admitted mistake. What is the need for others to apologise?”


A Congress cabinet minister said,“The Chief Minister had told opposition leaders he would make a statement,as the remarks cannot be seen in isolation as made by an NCP minister. If people are hurt and angry,the Chief Minister owes an explanation.”

The NCP opposition to Chavan statement is due to political reasons.

A party minister said,“In the state,Ajit Pawar is leader of NCP. Chavan making a statement undermines his stature. Why should NCP allow Congress political mileage?

“Chavan prepared a statement which he wanted to make in the Assembly and Council in the morning. But NCP did not give consent.”

Opposition leaders said the development was an outcome of Congress,NCP differences.

Leader of opposition in the Council Vinod Tawde said,“Congress and NCP need to resolve differences. It is not the opposition which is stalling the budget session.”

The opposition has decided to prolong its protest against Ajit remarks. In a signed letter,leaders of opposition parties,including Eknath Khadse,Bala Nandgaonkar of MNS,Subash Desai (Shiv Sena) and senior BJP MLA Girish Bapat,demanded the budget session be extended by a week.