‘Will never support Akali Dal or Modi’

My major achievement is that I have never differentiated people on the basis of area: Singh.

Written by Goyal Divya | Ludhaina | Updated: April 22, 2014 11:18:29 pm

From being a SAD councillor to getting expelled from party, winning as MLA from Atam Nagar as Independent and supporting SAD again and now fighting Lok Sabha polls as Independent, Simarjit Singh Bains talks to Divya Goyal on various issues from his criminal background, support to SAD and others. Excerpts:

How will you be a better or different MP for Ludhiana?

The major factor on which I am banking is being a local. I will be available round the clock for Ludhiana residents. I have spent 14 years here and will continue to work for people. I am not going to enjoy palatial homes in Delhi like previous MPs.

How will you rate your performance as a councillor and an MLA?

My major achievement is that I have never differentiated people on the basis of area. I have not only done work for people of my own area but anyone who comes to me for help. According to me, a right MP has to be like a pillow who is there for people 24×7. And I am confident enough to be a ‘pillow’ for Ludhiana residents.

What are your plans for industry in Ludhiana?

It is very unfortunate that MPs till now have only used industrialists for their benefit. Neighbouring states provided tax exemptions and other facilities and thus all industries have shifted from here. Instead of being a bridge between the Central and state governments, MPs have only enjoyed their plum posts till now. State and the Centre have only done cat fights, blaming each other for industrial losses. I will ensure that policies change and Ludhiana becomes a hot spot again.

Why should people of Ludhiana trust you and believe that you will not support SAD again?

I will refrain from using derogatory language for SAD here but in my heart I have taken a pledge never to look back again towards them. I have spent two years in that den of corruption, and only I know how relieved I am after leaving Akali Dal. Now I will show what an MP can do for his constituency other than enjoying luxuries.

Tell us something about your new party which you talked about.

It will be a group of revolutionaries. It will bring a revolution to clean corruption in the 2017 Assembly polls.

If elected, will you support BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi if not SAD?

Neither Modi nor Akali Dal, I will never support either of them. I want to make this loud and clear. It’s acceptable to me to sit alone as Independent in the Lok Sabha but I will never support the BJP or SAD.

What will you say about criminal cases pending against you, especially the case of beating tehsildar Benipal in public in 2009?

All cases till now were a part of conspiracy against me to finish my political career. I have come out clean from all cases and only two are pending in the court. As far as tehsildar G S Benipal case in concerned, I reached the spot after 53 minutes of fight. The verdict pending in the Supreme Court will prove that I am innocent.

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