‘Want more pollution,easy access to drugs,then vote for Amli’

As the hopefuls for the Lok Sabha seats are busy campaigning these days,the ‘Recession Party’,an idea conceived by Jaspal Bhatti to spread awareness of the power of voting...

Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: March 29, 2009 4:39:54 am

As the hopefuls for the Lok Sabha seats are busy campaigning these days,the ‘Recession Party’,an idea conceived by Jaspal Bhatti to spread awareness of the power of voting,funnily asked voters to vote for its Ludhiana candidate Bhajna Amli,who will provide subsidised drugs at police stations against ration cards and ensure the Buddha Nallah gets more polluted so that it is fit to be declared a heritage site,once he is voted to power.

As part of the play held at the Bhadaur House market today,noted comedian Jaspal Bhatti announced his Ludhiana MP candidate Bhajna Amli,chanting the lines: “Ji Karda bhai ji karda,mera MP banan nu ji karda,ek wari ta pao sanu vote soniyo,tabhi aayenge hamare pass note soniyo….ji karda bhai ji karda mera rishwat khan nu ji karda…gande nale bada denge,pradushan aur faila denge…” The character of Amli was played by Gurdev Dhillon,who is a celebrated comedian known for enacting opium-addicted characters.

In a direct and sharp pun directed against the inefficiency of the candidates when they turn into MPs,Jaspal Bhatti’s satirical presentation criticised the candidates for failing to live up to the expectations of voters when voted to power.

The comical play aimed at telling the electorate the importance of voting and wise selection of a candidate.

“If voted to power,the Recession Party will declare Ludhiana the ‘city of pollution’. We will take grants from the government and pollute the city so much that we are not able to get a glimpse of the ground from an aeroplace flying above or see the sky from below,” said Bhatti,directing criticism at the incompetence of the MPs election after election in improving the city.

“As for the Buddha Nallah,we will cause more pollution and then push it for heritage status and then make it a tourist spot where a provision for boating will be made by wearing oxygen masks,” Jaspal Bhatti added.

“Our candidate will prove to be still more inefficient than the other two candidates in fray for the Ludhiana seat,” he continued. “We all know that no election can be won without the distribution of drugs and alcohol,Amli (which means an addict) will make sure opium,charas,smack and poppy husk are available at the police stations against ration cards just like ration is. Besides,our party without causing any divisions in the electorate on cast,creed,religion or region,will divide the electorate into two: the wise and the fools,and the latter will vote for us.”

On a serious note,the comedian and entertainer said,”There are limited suitable choices before the electorate. But they should still come forward and vote for the right persons in the upcoming polls. Bhatti has performed similar shows at Chandigarh and Amritsar by declaring ‘Recession Party’ candidates,urging people to use their votes wisely and not allow fools to run the country.

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