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UCPMA issued subsidy of Rs 15 lakh for China tour

Subsidy of two members of the delegation cancelled.

Subsidy of two members of the delegation cancelled

Finally,the Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises( MSME) department of Government of India has released a subsidy of Rs 15 lakh to the members of United Cycles Parts and Manufacturers Association (UCPMA). A 63- member delegation had visited China in the month of May,but two members were caught by China police during a raid.

The MSME department refunds 75% of the air fare to the members of the delegation who visit abroad for exhibitions or other business activities for technology transfer. However,the department has not given subsidy of the two persons who were arrested.

Sources said that earlier the MSME department had cancelled the entire subsidy,but after the association pushed their case,the subsidy of the 61 members was cleared.


UCPMA president Gurmeet Singh Kular confirmed that the subsidy of two persons had not been released.

“Though our members had no fault,I respect the government decision. I am thankful that the remaining subsidy has been released,” he added.

Though director of MSME,Ludhiana,B S Dhillon was not available for comment,the department confirmed that subsidy of two persons had been cancelled,but the rest had been released.

The members of the delegation thanked the department for this gesture and said their members had got good business enquiries as well.

Initially,the MSME department had wanted to know whether the tour was for business purpose or for fun. The department conducted an inquiry later.

The associations have been advised to follow dos and don’ts in future so as not to get entangled in any controversy.