‘Safe and responsible driving will solve traffic problems of city’

The traffic situation in the city is pathetic and needs a lot of thinking and action,both on the part of the official machinery as well as public.

Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: March 26, 2009 2:30:52 am

The traffic situation in the city is pathetic and needs a lot of thinking and action,both on the part of the official machinery as well as public.

We,as the responsible citizens of Ludhiana,need to think seriously about our contribution and duty towards improving the traffic situation in the city. When it comes to ourselves,most of us tend to forget all the traffic rules and remorselessly jump red lights,speed up,drive after consuming liquor and what not.

The traffic police have a key role to play on city roads. Right from helping an old lady cross the streets to diverting and controlling traffic,preventing violence on roads to helping accident victims,the traffic police perform their duties diligently. Of course,they have their limitations also as regards the number of men and the kind of daily VIP duties they have to perform. I feel they should be given advanced training and facilities to perform even better. They should also be aware that the same rules are meant for all,a common man or a VIP.

I think we as citizens should also contribute on our part to improve the system. Safe and responsible driving will solve most of the problems of the city. Visit any developed country and you’ll find everybody obeying the traffic rules even on empty roads,highways,inside the city and on streets too. This is the result of rigorous training from childhood by instilling good traffic sense in them.

There children as young as four years old are sent to complex traffic environment for activities such as – travel to and from school,purchases at nearby shops,or sale of items at makeshift sidewalk “shops” of adults in the home.

Back home,lack of green areas and sidewalks in areas where some children live result in them playing too close to traffic. On roads,the slightest mistake can be fatal. Accident statistics indeed show that most accidents occur when a child crosses a busy road

Children are our future,let us recognise their limitations in traffic and their right to be given a chance to survive. Young children find traffic frightening as there are too many things happening on the roads at the same time. They are,therefore,unable to cope as well as an adult would.

Let us have some tips to follow while driving. It is the repetition only but then let us assume that repetition is the key to learning.

* Motorists,when driving,keep in your lane.

* Do not occupy more than one lane. Do not change lanes suddenly. Do not keep changing from one lane to the other.

* Keep safe — hug your lane and remember always to watch out for pedestrians especially children and the elderly.

* When approaching a bend,ask yourself — is this a sharp bend? Am I driving too fast? Am I taking the corner too wide and too far over to the right? What could I meet around the corner? Could I stop if I had to? Use your head — make road safety a way of life.

* At a four way stop,you must bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Proceed cautiously through the crossing only after the other vehicles in the intersection before you have crossed.

* When turning at an intersection,always give the correct signal. Driving at a high speed is dangerous and it limits your ability to maintain control of your car if something unexpected occurs on the road.

* Do not speed particularly around corners,when overtaking and when the road is wet or unfamiliar. It is also good advice to cut your speed when pedestrians are nearby.

* Don’t let your friend drive when drunk. Arrive alive. Don’t’ drink and drive.

Pedestrians,when using the road

* Walk facing oncoming traffic

* Wear light-coloured clothing during the night

* Don’t assume the right-of-way at pedestrian crossings

* Walk in a single file where there is no sidewalk or where the sidewalk is narrow

* Clearly indicate to motorists and cyclists your desire to cross the road

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