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PU to switch to online system of processing re-evaluation forms

The move is expected to ensure timely declaration of re-evaluation results.

In a move that is likely to benefit around 15,000 Panjab University (PU) students who seek re-evaluation of their examination answer-sheets and are disappointed by the delay in declaration of results,the varsity has now decided to do away with the long process of manual processing of application forms for re-evaluation. It will now shift to the online system of processing.

“The constant delay in declaration of results of re-evaluation had become a major cause of concern as it was realised that at times the results were declared when the students were ready to appear for their compartment exams,or had already appeared. The entire purpose of re-evaluation was lost,” said PU Controller of Examinations,Parvinder Singh. “Therefore,we have adopted the online system,” added Singh.

Earlier,the re-evaluation form submitted by a student was forwarded to the Computer Centre for verification of details. After this,the form was sent to the Conduct branch and later to the Secrecy branch,after which the process of re-evaluation would begin. “The entire process took 15-20 days,which ended up delaying the announcement of results,” said Singh.

However,with the implementation of the online system,the data of the candidate,which will be put online will be available to all branches like the Computer Centre,Conduct,Secrecy or the Examination branch through INTRANET.


“We will save three weeks that will ensure timely declaration of results,” added Singh.

Elaborating on the process,Singh added,“We are ready to start the online submission of re-evaluation forms. But then there are certain constraints. For instance,students need to submit their original Details Marksheet Card (DMC) along with the form,which will be difficult during online submission.”

Among other examination reforms introduced by the varsity are steps to encourage teachers to show willingness in checking the answer sheets. As the checking of answer sheets were often held at the ‘mercy of the teachers’,it was found that around 30 per cent of the teachers extend their services for checking of answer sheets,while the rest of them are unavailable.

“In an earlier meeting of the examination reforms,we had proposed it must be made imperative for every teacher to check at least 250 answer sheets,which will include answer sheets for main examination,supplementary and re-evaluation examination. All the teachers will also be informed well in time for it,” informed Singh.

As per the latest information,V-C Professor Arun Kumar Grover has approved the proposal and constituted a committee to address the issue. Notices have also been sent to chairpersons of all departments of the varsity and principals of all PU affiliated colleges to send a list of teachers with their field of specialisation for checking of answer sheets. However,the departments and colleges are yet to submit details of the respective teachers.