Pakistani designers on visit to Ludhiana

Pakistani designers on visit to Ludhiana

To bring Pakistani designs for Ludhiana women,Pakistani designers Gul Ahmed and Asif Mohammad were in the city at Nilibar store.

To bring Pakistani designs for Ludhiana women,Pakistani designers Gul Ahmed and Asif Mohammad were in the city at Nilibar store. The exhibition of Pak designs would be on display at the store from May 10 to 12 and it is a first of its kind individual effort by a store to bring Pakistani designs. The designers were also available for giving individual advice to customers at this store. Pak brands like Bareeze,Gul Ahmed and Five Star Int were seen at the store.

Sunil Dhody,agent appointed by Five Star Int for the Indian market,was also present at the store. He told Newsline,“As of now,the customs duty imposed by India on unstitched suits for women’s wear ranges from 18 to 28 per cent,varying from fabric to fabric. However,on stitched clothes it ranges from 20 to 40 per cent. If this import duty is reduced,trade between India and Pakistan can flourish a lot in this segment because Indian women love to wear Pakistani designs. However,the high duty is hampering traders’ efforts to bring more goods.”

An exhibition of Pakistani designs had already taken place at Chandigarh and even Delhi as well and now they can be seen in a Ludhiana store. Sonu Nilibar,director of the store said,“Although efforts to boost Indo-Pak trade may not have succeeded as expected by all,a new individual effort has been taken by us.” He added ,”Nilibar also has a background for Pakistan,as we belong to a place named Nilibar in Pakistan which is famous for its world class cotton So we have a special affection for Pakistan.” The Spring Collection was seen in the store. The fabrics included chiffon and silk materials with detailed embroideries and intricate borders,complimented with a variety of embellishments done very eloquently on the fabric. Renowned Pakistani designer Asif Mohammad’s designs were embellished with embroideries,swarovski’s and crystal on a range of luxurious fabrics of the new colours of the season. Deep aubergines,burnt oranges,emerald greens blend with teals,steel greys and pure whites to create a magical range of designer wear in suits,sarees,lehngas,and fabric were seen at the store.

Sonu Nilibar,owner of Nilibar,said,“This exhibition-cum-sale is all about focusing on the details to make each design unique – in sync with the spring season. It is about the fusion of Indian and Pakistani culture – a fusion that is represented in every aspect of the design – the borders,the piping,the embroideries and the fabric. It is a unique effort to consolidate business relations with our neighbouring country.”