‘Official apathy has taken its toll on city’

Welcome to Ludhiana. The city offers no ‘feel-good factor’. Whether it is traffic management or encroachment,the city is a victim of official apathy.

Published: January 22, 2009 2:00:33 am

A man died and appeared before the Dharamraj. After adding up his good and bad deeds,Dharamraj gave the verdict. He had to go to the hell. The man responded,“It makes no difference to me for I have come from Ludhiana!”

Welcome to Ludhiana. The city offers no ‘feel-good factor’. Whether it is traffic management or encroachment,the city is a victim of official apathy.

The vehicle load on the already congested roads is increasing by the day. Drivers have no clue about traffic rules as they violate traffic norms without any remorse. The traffic police are not efficient enough to educate the masses about traffic norms. Whether it is zebra crossing or inner lanes,people have no sense of discipline and policemen are the silent spectators. Big vehicles,especially buses that have to turn right line up on the left and block the traffic at green lights.

Hoardings are another nuisance on city roads. There is no need to put hoardings depicting traffic rules. A driver cannot read rules while driving. All hoardings should be removed completely. One wonders what the ego-ridden petty leaders gain by putting their hoardings on roads! People hate their faces. Another crucial aspect is encroachment by shopkeepers. Otherwise wide roads are encroached upon on both sides and hardly one-third of the road is available for two-way vehicular traffic. Why cannot the municipal corporation take care of it? Why do these people should create inconvenience to the public at the cost of public. Rampant corruption in the municipal corporation is responsible for this. People who are supposed to carry out this work take bribes to keep their mouth shut. Same is the case with rehris. If all these encroachments are removed,rehris are disciplined and the police is sensitised,traffic problem can be tackled. But big question is whether the administration will ever wake up to the needs of its citizens?

Tableau is another nonsensical thing dutifully done by city residents. One wonders what the proponents of these processions gain out of it. In my opinion,they insult deities by taking them to the streets. The devotees should go the abodes of deities rather than making them roam on the city roads. This is no honourable way to treat our deities. Further,these processions create traffic jams. Often sick persons and ambulances are holed up in the traffic and patients suffer. In a congested city like Ludhiana,there should be a blanket ban on such activities.

The nuisance of loudspeakers is a sort of body cancer on the life in this city. The people have lost their sense of distinguishing between music and noise. DJs,jagratas,temples and gurdwara managements need to think about it seriously and the administration needs to act as per the orders of the Supreme Court.

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