Kin,neighbours throw their lot behind Neha’s in-laws,allege victimisation

Kin,neighbours throw their lot behind Neha’s in-laws,allege victimisation

In a twist to June 26 alleged dowry death case of Neha Arora...

In a twist to June 26 alleged dowry death case of Neha Arora,the relatives of the her in-laws’ family and various families in their neighbourhood of Bharat Nagar house came forward in their support today alleging there had been tremendous political pressure on the Arora family,which is why they went into hiding for about week after the incident.

While questioning the nature of dowry laws,the supporters of the Arora’s said the family were falsely implicated in the case as the law stood in favour of the girl’s family while the boy’s family is pitted against a tough legal battle to prove innocence.

“I just want my husband and my two sons back. They have been arrested for a crime they never commited. Had Neha been alive today,she would have spoken on our behalf and silenced everyone who has pointed fingers at our family,” said Raj Rani,Neha’s mother-in-law. “We were a happy family and Neha’s death was natural and unfortunate.”

Speaking in defence of Rani,her sister-in-law,Neelam Arora asked why the law was tilted towards the girl’s side which according to her was being misused. “We are waiting for the viscera report now so that the truth prevails.”


Twenty five year old Neha had died after she reportedly collapsed in Deep Hospital’s bathroom on July 26 morning. She had given birth to a baby girl on July 24 in a caesarean delivery. Her death had led to a furore at her in-laws house in Bharat Nagar on July 26 when angry relatives of Neha broke the glass windows of the house holding her in-laws responsible for her death. Fearing trouble,family of her in-laws had gone into hiding soon after their daughter-in-law’s death.

Alleging that Neha’s parents had implicated them in a false case,Gurcharan Arora,Raj Rani’s cousin,said there was a lot of political pressure on the family as Neha’s parents had got support from some politicians of the ruling alliance in the state. He alleged,”Her parents did whatever they could. They had support from BJP politicians and they used it to lodge a case even before the post mortem report arrived.”

“Her death was reported as being a case of cardiac arrest by the hospital which can occur in some caesarean deliveries. But her parents went on to accuse her in-laws,making it a dowry death,” he said.

Said their neighbour Gulshan,“All of us had advised the family to leave the house and hide as we feared violence. Later,the angry mob was even ready to set fire to their house but was stopped by the mohalla residents.”

When quizzed as to why Neha’s parents had lodged complaint against them,Raj Rani said she could not comment about that. “But Neha was happy in our family,” she said,adding Neha’s parents had gifted her a few valuables but they were never demanded by them.

It was for the first time the Aroras came in the open about Neha’s alleged dowry death. Nisha Arora,Neha’s sister-in-law said both of them lived like sisters,”and our in-laws had never demanded any dowry from me or from Neha.” She alleged that she was even pressurised by some people to give statement against her in-laws.

The one-month-old baby girl on the other hand is now being brought up by Raj Rani who had got a stay on her arrest while her husband Jai Pal Arora,her elder son Puneet and younger son and Neha’s husband Vineet are in the jail. Today,Raj Rani also delcared she was able to seek permanent bail from the Punjab and Haryana High Court.