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Innovative products at exhibition floor president of Pakistan women’s chamber

Innovative products at exhibition floor president of Pakistan women’s chamber

Invites Punjab industry to her country for business exchange.

A quick wrench,cold forging socket,innovative plastic products and much more were seen in the industrial exhibition organised by the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU). Impressed with the innovations,Qaisra Sheikh,president of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lahore division),who came to see this exhibition,asked the Punjab industry to visit Pakistan for a business exchange.

Sheikh had come a few months back as well and had signed a memorandum of understanding with CICU and under that MoU,she came on a business exchange programme.

She saw a quick wrench developed by Osho Tools Limited which is used in almost every industry. Ashok Gupta from the company said that the wrench available in the market causes injuries and takes some time in fitting at the pipe. But the new wrench is very comfortable and can be fitted at just one go. A cold forger socket was also launched by this company which was earlier being imported.

Another innovation was of plastic hoes which is used in agriculture sector — normally in dairy industry,food processing,poultry and in mandis — to clear the trolleys and clean the grains. As of now,a mild steel component can be seen in the market but now a plastic product has been introduced as another option. Gujral Polymers,a Patiala- based company,introduced this product in this exhibition and Sarabjeet Grewal from this company said that they were getting a good response.


Sunday was the third day of this exhibition and it would conclude on Monday,said Upkar Singh,general secretary of CICU.

Sheikh said that Pakistan was very strong in dress designing and it was in the blood of Pakistani women. In the same way,innovative industrial products were being ruled by Indians. She said that if products came via Wagah border,only then would it be affordable for Pakistan. Therefore,she urged the governments of both countries to open more items for trading through Wagah.

She added that scanners should be installed at check posts so that the entire truck should be cleared at one go instead of manually checking each and every product. She said that more and more women were coming into business in Pakistan and even men-oriented fields like marble,pharmaceutical,engineering,plastic moulding,auto parts had women entrepreneurs.