Why was January 26 chosen to be celebrated as Republic Day? What is the philosophy behind the Beating Retreat ceremony?

Written by Parul Bajaj | Published: January 25, 2012 12:39:16 am

The 137th show of India Quiz: Apne Bharat Ko Jano,Apne Bharat Ko Pehchano at Kalagram will be a Republic Day special

Why was January 26 chosen to be celebrated as Republic Day? What is the philosophy behind the Beating Retreat ceremony? “It was on January 26,1930,that all parties of India came together with the slogan ‘Purna Swaraj’ and although the Constitution of India was adopted on November 26,1949,it came into effect only on January 26,1950. As for the Beating Retreat ceremony that takes place on January 29,it marks the closing of the Republic Day festivities,’’ says quiz master Kishore Kumar Sharma,preparing a list of questions for the Republic Day special show of “India Quiz: Apne Bharat Ko Jano,Apne Bharat Ko Pehchano”. This will be the 137th episode of the event,which is held at Kalagram every sunday.

“Another interesting thing I found out was that even after Independence,we were being governed by Government of India Act 1935 and it was in 1950,on January 26,that the Act was replaced,’’ explain Sharma and his friend Dr Bharat Bhushan,who helps him with the quiz.

Every Sunday for the last four years,Sharma is at Kalagram with a fresh list of questions based on Indian culture,history,geography and politics and it’s a two-hour exercise of reading seven newspapers,surfing the internet and flipping through books that goes into this list.

“In these four years,we haven’t repeated even a single question,’’ says Sharma,who runs a pharmaceutical company but has a keen interest in Indian art,culture and theatre.

The fact that the younger generation is not so clued in about India,but knows more about international affairs,prompted Sharma to start this quiz,which gets participants of all age-groups. Sharma says the quiz attracts many civil services aspirants and also many children,who get a chance to not only increase their general knowledge about India,but also to showcase their talent on stage.

“The format is interactive and I have friends sponsoring prizes for every right answer and the North Zone Cultural Centre supports us with the venue and lights,’’ says Sharma,adding that the quiz has been a great learning process for him as well.

Gear up for the Republic Day Special quiz at Kalagram on January 29 at 4.30 pm. Entry open to all

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