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Hike councillors’ salaries: Cong members

A councillor is given Rs 12,000 per month under the head of monthly allowance.

When MLAs can get over Rs 90,000 per month as salary apart from other perks,why councillors are being given a meager allowance of Rs 12,000 only? This is what the Congress Councillors are asking the state government.

At the next general house meeting of the Municipal Corporation,the councillors are bringing this agenda of hike in the councillors’ salary to a minimum of Rs 25,000 apart from other perks such as free medical treatment,pension for councillors and fuel expenses.

The demand comes at a time when the corporation is not even able to pay salaries to its employees and the councillors have also not got their allowance for the month of October. Parminder Mehta,spokesperson of Congress councillors,said,“We work more than MLAs. Right from the birth of a child in our ward to death of anyone,we are involved in providing birth and death certificate to the residents. We are directly or indirectly involved in day-to-day works of our area residents and our perks are bare minimum.”

The Congress councillors said,“This demand is in larger interest of the councillors of all parties and we stand by it.”


A councillor is given Rs 12,000 per month under the head of monthly allowance. Mehta said that this should be a minimum Rs 25,000. He equates the councillors with the MLAs who get free medical treatment and pension as well.

About four years back,the allowance was hiked from Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000 and now the councillors are asking for yet another hike.

The mayor,apart from the monthly allowance,gets only Rs 5,000 extra for tea/coffee which is offered to the people who come to meet him.