GADVASU focuses on value addition; Tota Singh says milk adulteration will be stopped

GADVASU focuses on value addition; Tota Singh says milk adulteration will be stopped

Animals who were displayed were shifted immediately as heavy downpour started.

At the Pashu Palan Mela on Friday.
At the Pashu Palan Mela on Friday.

The Pashu Palan Mela of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU),  which focuses on value addition this time,  was washed off in the rain on Friday. The major problem was encountered while shifting and protecting various animals that were displayed in the exhibition.

The cows, buffaloes, rabbits, fish and various other animals were displayed that were shifted immediately as heavy downpour started. However, the animals were not affected much due to the rain.

Dr Kirti Dua from the varsity said, “These animals have natural immunity to tolerate such conditions. We shifted them to the shelter immediately. But otherwise, cattle feel good in showers.”

Agriculture Minister Tota Singh tasted flavoured milk at the GADVASU mela. Commenting on adulteration of milk, he said, “It is important to sustain the white revolution. People playing with people’s health by selling adulterated milk will not be spared. Milk adulteration will be stopped in the state.”


Focusing on value addition, the GADVASU exhibited various eatables, drinks etc made by students and scientists.

The Department of Livestock Products Technology presented chicken meat biscuits which has a storage life of more than six months and has a protein content of 25-27%, essential amino acids and fatty acids whereas vegetarian biscuits have a protein content of 4-6% only and lack essential nutrients.

The department also presented protein-rich chicken meat soup which provides a profitable alternative to utilise bone mass. Another product was chicken meat wadi. It has a protein content of 50% (dry matter) and has an estimated storage life of six-eight months. It can be easily incorporated in various culinary dishes. Fibre-rich functional chicken meat momos were also presented along with chicken keema samosas.

College of Fisheries developed products like fish fillets, steaks and cutlets prepared from carp fishes and other spineless fish species. Besides ornamental fishes, integrated fish-cum-duck farming model and many varieties of food fishes were also displayed for demonstration to the farmers.

College of Dairy Science and Technology showcased products like low-fat vitamin D-fortified yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, fruit lassi and milk adulteration detection kit. Fruit yoghurt has been developed using yoghurt culture with addition of flavour and fruit pulp. All technologies are transferrable to farmers.