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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cultural connect

What are your most cherished memories of growing up in Chandni Chowk? I remember my father used to take me to the Red Fort grounds to play cricket with my friends.

Written by Harneet Singh | Published: January 13, 2009 4:56:48 am

Akshay Kumar zips zaps zooms from Chandni Chowk to China

What are your most cherished memories of growing up in Chandni Chowk?
I remember my father used to take me to the Red Fort grounds to play cricket with my friends. No matter how tired he was from work,he would run on the pitch and give us all lassi and fruits. He had so much love to give that’s why I didn’t care how long it took me to become a producer as long as I got to do movies under his good name. I’ll spend the rest of my life dedicating my fathers love through my movies.

When you say that Chandni Chowk To China has kung-fu action,what do you mean?
There are different kinds of action. One is where you beat the living daylights out of your opponent,then there’s one where you do physical stunts where danger and death are involved. But this film is about martial arts action,where you use an art form to fight the goons. It’s my favourite because one gets to do comedy with action too. I enjoyed playing a kung-fu geek.

Which was the most daring stunt that you’ve done in this film?
It has to be when I’m training in China and my master makes me do sit-ups hanging off the Great Wall of China; it’s by far one of the most beautiful shots of my whole career.

Did you pick up any Chinese lines or learn to cook Chinese?
I can’t cook Chinese to save my life but I can eat it all day. The highlight of our shoot was when we’d gather in the basement of our hotel to eat. There’s not much else to do by the Great Wall other than eat and climb. As for my Chinese,it’s probably as bad as their Hindi. It’s the same where ever you go,you only teach people how to swear in their language.

Deepika Padukone says she s the “next female Akshay Kumar.”
Good luck to her. She got good kicks but I don’t know if the facial hair will suit her. Obviously,I’m flattered if anyone wants to be like me but I think she’s missing a few black belts.

Was it difficult to handle the moustache?
From my fat belly to my moustache to my choti,not to mention my fly-swatting,I had a ball. Just that it was damn hard to smile with a fake moustache.

How did you chance upon Bohemia to rap with you?
Bohemia actually wrote this song for me even though he barely knew me. He agreed to give the song to us only if I sang it with him. I did all I could to persuade him to change his mind because I wanted to entertain my audience,not kill them. But Nikhil Advani and Bohemia cornered me until I croaked the whole song down a microphone. I felt like a gangsta’ but do not ask me to comment on my voice because I swear I sound like a cat being strangled at dusk.

When can we see you back on the small screen with Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi?
Very soon,but I’m afraid my lips are sealed.

Aamir Khan says he enjoys your films and he respects you.
Such words coming from Aamir will always make my stomach flip. I mean,come on,what an incredible man,let alone actor. For him to take time out to see my movies makes me really nervous. I didn’t think anyone from the industry actually watches my movies. No matter who you are,you can’t help but love Aamir’s films.

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