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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Behind the seams

The thing about glamour is that it often doesn’t look so pretty from up close.

Written by Express News Service | Published: January 20, 2009 2:56:46 am

Miss Shreyas salutes the ladies,Hrithik takes off his jacket and Anushka’s worried about a zipper failing her-backstage was rather exciting at the Star Screen Awards

The thing about glamour is that it often doesn’t look so pretty from up close. So,at the Nokia 15th Annual Star Screen Awards last Wednesday at the MMRDA Grounds,we decided to take a peek behind the scenes.

Anticipation,excitement,hope and pleasure were the prevailing emotions for anyone who were associated with the awards whether the background dancers,performers,makeup artists,security personnel et al.

“As this is the first award ceremony of the year,it is always great to come here. We can get a fair idea on who are the top contenders,whom to look forward to and finally which performers and films will bag the maximum awards,” says actor Zayed Khan to us in the wings,just as he walks off after presenting an award. Khan also adds he’s looking forward to his upcoming film Blue.

Co-host Shreyas Talpade,making his spoof on Dostana along with Sajid Khan,learned a lesson or two about dressing up for the fairer sex. “My sensitivity and understanding has certainly gone up now. It is certainly not easy being woman,” he laughs while putting on the padding. “Now I know how you girls feel while being ogled at,my empathy will be there with every woman from now,” he adds,half seriously,getting into his golden gown. “I bow to you,ladies. You women are certainly no weaker sex,” he exclaims.

The January heat played a spoilsport for many. “My suit isn’t helping,” grumbled Hrithik Roshan. “I don’t know why I asked Anaita Shroff to put me in one,” he says of his favourite stylist,and takes off his jacket. And then he jokes: “I think the temperature has become hotter with me in this jacket and this is better.”

The January heat got to debutant Anushka Sharma; the girl ran back from her performance virtually breathless. Worrying her makeup would have completely run,she says,“I’m sweating,I’m sweating”,to the shutterbugs waiting in line to have a chat with her. “Dressing up in these clothes is certainly no mean task,one zipper gone and the whole thing can come undone. We need to be extra careful about everything,” she tells me later.

The makeup vans were heavily guarded by personnel security lest any fan get near the stars,but despite the best efforts from them,and unknown fan tried to get into Bipasha Basu’s van throwing the guards in a nervous fit. “How is that anyone can walk backstage?” screams the diva’s personal security guard. “Please make sure that no one gets anywhere near the vans of the stars.”

A refreshment centre was provided for stars who wanted to refuel themselves. “The lounge is good idea,” says Zayed Khan. “It’s probably a place to get great ideas,” he says chatting with director Kunal Kohli and swigging a Red Bull.

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