‘After 35,people should go in for yearly medical check-up’

Dr Satish Jain is the medical director at the Mohan Dai Oswal Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation.

Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: February 16, 2009 3:08:36 am

Dr Satish Jain is the medical director at the Mohan Dai Oswal Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation. Heading the institution for the past nine years,Dr Jain has been a part of the hospital ever since its inception 25 years ago. He is also the chief of surgical oncology at the hospital and has been part of numerous cancer surgeries of different kinds along with reconstructive surgeries too.

In an interview with Sameer Kumar Sharma,he talks about the importance of proper diagnosis and staging of cancer in a patient to provide correct treatment.

Why is there less research in the field of medicine?
Hospitals deal with umpteen number of patients every day and their focus is on treatment. Research comes in only when there is sufficient time at disposal. Sometimes,we also experience difficulties in conducting research and making it lead to the conclusive stage.

What kind of difficulties do you confront in cancer research?
We,at MD Oswal Cancer Hospital,are confined to clinical research only. And in clinical research also,there is a high drop-out rate of the patients taken in sample size. Many a times,people skip their session and in such a situation,it becomes difficult as research remains incomplete.

Why is the drop-out rate so high?
Some patients visit once or twice and then go elsewhere to look for cheaper available options as a major chunk of patients are those who have got humble means and cannot afford treatment.
Various factors like ignorance,poverty and social stigma in some cases are the reason behind this. Patients want to try more than one line of medical treatment at one time in order to find a fast cure for the disease,little realising that cancer is a disease which takes a long time even for diagnosis as well well as treatment which is conducted in various sessions.

Why is it that patients reach the hospital before they have entered the third stage of the disease?
This is a cause for concern as most of patients reach us when the damage has been done. The disease is such that one should go in for a yearly medical check up every year,especially after one has attained the age of 35. The people in high risk groups (those who have a history of the disease in the family) should always go for it and should try to maintain a good lifestyle. Besides,once a few patients are diagnosed by some doctors,they put them on the treatment rather than guiding them about going to the right place where they will get proper treatment. This leads to unnecessary delays since it is very important in this disease to stage the cancer so that the right kind of treatment can be suggested.

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