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What it takes to be on the road to fame

Written by Siddhartha Mathur | Published: March 28, 2012 3:52:46 am

What it takes to be on the road to fame

Not too long back,you made a splash when you got selected in the Civil Services,IIT,PMT or IIM. Pride of place is now shared by selection as one of the Roadies in the No. 1 reality show on MTV. Delving into the mindset of those taken by the wave threw up some interesting revelations. “I was very small when my naani and mom watched MTV Roadies and it was only in the fifth season that I got hooked too,” says Diyali,one of the 13 contestants in the ninth season of the show. “I realised that all those who featured in the show won besides the prize money a lot of fame and respect and it got me waiting to turn 18 and appear for the auditions,” said the Mass Communications under graduate,in Lucknow on Tuesday. She studied for a year in Central Academy in Lucknow’s Vikas Nagar and claimed to be “more of a Delhi-ite.” Along came co-participant Aniruddh Sharma,hailing from a business family,pursuing BBA from Nagpur University. “I have done some theatre and have always aspired to be an actor. I could see no stepping stone better than Roadies to achieve my dreams,” said the 20 years old,about the show that took all the participants to the United States. Both agreed it was candour and being themselves that helped them crack the auditions.

“It’s sheer luck that gets you in,for nobody can predict whom the judges will pick. They need 13 different characters and you just have to be one who fits into their scheme of things” reflects Aniruddh.

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