Narrow-minded Modi can’t serve all Indians: Mayawati

Narrow-minded Modi can’t serve all Indians: Mayawati

2014: BSP chief slams Gujarat CM for ‘rescuing’ only Gujaratis from Uttarakhand

BSP Supremo Mayawati on Sunday hit out at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his reported claim that he rescued 15,000 Gujaratis from flood-affected Uttarakhand,saying it showed “the narrow thinking” of the man who is dreaming of becoming the prime minister of the country.

“He does not talk of saving people from all the states,showing a national thinking. By this,you can yourself judge the personality of the man who,after holding the topmost seat in the country,cannot work with a national and secular thinking,and devotion and honesty,” she said without taking the name of Modi,while addressing her supporters at party’s Brahmin Bhaichara rally in Lucknow.

Mayawati said the people should be cautious of such a person and the party who practices regionalism and has a narrow thinking.

She also slammed the UPA government “for increasing corruption,inflation and doing nothing for the betterment of Dalits and backwards in the country”. She told her supporters to beware Centre’s “lures” like the food security law. Terming the UPA government’s ambitious food ordinance as poll gimmick,she said these new laws and assurances will not give any benefit to the people of state as they are often put in the cold storage after the elections.


The former CM also did not spare the incumbent SP government saying the law and order situation has deteriorated. “While incidents of dacoity,abduction,murder and communal tension are on the rise and government machinery has become helpless,ministers are indulging in vendetta politics against their opponents by getting inquiries conducted and making senseless statements,” she said.

Without naming anyone,she said a senior cabinet minister had said that girls in the state should not become like Mayawati. “This is indicative of fear among goons and mafias. If there are two-four daughters like me,then they will have to flee from the state,” the BSP leader said.