Murder accused in Varanasi mental hospital for 34 years, trial on hold

The jail or the hospital also have no information about his family.

Written by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Published: June 5, 2015 12:49:15 am
murder, mental hospital, murder trial, lucknow news, city news, local news, UP news, Indian Express On Apirl 25, 1981, a local court in Bareilly directed that he be shifted to the mental hospital.

Court proceedings in a case of murder — that took place in Bareilly district in 1976 — is pending for the last 34 years. The reason: The accused, who was sent to Prisoners’ Mental Hospital in Varanasi for treatment from Bareilly District Jail, is yet be discharged.

According to hospital authorities, no family member or relative of the accused — Ganga Ram alias Neksa (now 63) — has contacted or visited him since 1981 when he was admitted in Varanasi for treatment.

The jail or the hospital also have no information about his family.

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Moreover, no details regarding the murder case is available with Bareilly jail, the concerned Meerganj police station or the mental hospital. Officials claimed that as the matter was over three decades old, it was difficult to keep track.

Bareilly jail authorities claimed as a routine, information about Ganga Ram’s well being is sought from the Varanasi hospital regularly and a report is forwarded to the district court where the case is pending. “We had last sent such a report to the court in March. The report was based on the findings of the hospital,” said Bareilly District Jail Superintendent R K Mishra.

Mishra added that the the hospital director had said in his report that Ganga Ram was not mentally fit, as he lives in isolation and talks to himself. He never mixes with other inmates. The director added that Ganga Ram cannot defend himself against the charges he is facing, said the superintendent.

When contacted, hospital director Dr Pawan Singh said: “Ganga Ram is still mentally unstable and his treatment is on. The matter related to him is referred before a board comprising the district judge, district magistrate, chief medical officer and myself every three months. The board has decided that Ganga Ram is unwell and needs further treatment.”

He added that in 2012, they once decided to send Ganga Ram to the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) in Delhi for further treatment. “Jail officials in Bareilly were advised to take Ganga Ram to IHBAS for treatment. The officials subsequently sent a letter to IHBAS seeking appointment. But IHBAS responded by saying that it does’nt admit any such patients without a court direction,” said Singh.

“The institute also advised the jail officials to admit the patient at Agra Mental Hospital as it was equally equipped. But the Agra Mental Hospital authorities refused to take a prisoner,” he added.

Ganga Ram is an accused in a murder case registered at Meerganj police station in Bareilly in 1976. A few days after he was brought to jail, he started behaving abnormal and picked up fights with other inmates. Jail officials got him admitted him in a district hospital, where he was kept under observation for a few days.

As his condition did not improve, the officials approached the court seeking permission to shift him to the mental hospital in Varanasi.

On Apirl 25, 1981, a local court in Bareilly directed that he be shifted to the mental hospital. Ganga Ram was shifted to Varanasi five days later. Since then, he has not returned to

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