The list of AICC members from Uttar Pradesh came as an embarrassment to many senior leaders.

List of disappointments

The list of AICC members from Uttar Pradesh came as an embarrassment to many senior leaders. The names of their camp followers,whom they had promised a berth and for whom they had lobbied,were missing. Though Rita Bahuguna Joshi got a second term as state president,she failed to get her brother Shekhar Bahuguna inducted. The state unit tried to hold the list,saying that there were some anomalies which needed to be sorted out,but they were told the list had Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s approval. A senior leader said the principle of “one person from one family” was followed,with only two exceptions. One was,of course,Sonia and Rahul. The other was Salman Khurshid and his wife Louise. Besides,Sonia also insisted on giving a fair share to women. Now,the disgruntled partymen are calling up people in districts in the hope of digging up dirt on these women.

Azam puts Mulayam in a fix

Since the Samajwadi Party is desperate to get him back,Azam Khan is driving a hard bargain. Even party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav’s mea culpa that Khan’s expulsion was a mistake and that he was willing to go to Rampur to persuade him to return,has failed to soften the Pathan of Rampur. The SP grapevine has it that Khan wants the post of leader of opposition in the Assembly,which he had held from May 2002 to August 2003. At present,Shivpal Yadav is the Leader of Opposition. He is Yadav’s younger brother. Also,he is no admirer of Azam Khan. The choice for Yadav is really difficult.

Good samaritan

For homemaker Shaheen Bano and college student Akash,Mulayam Singh Yadav came as a good samaritan at a critical time on the morning of October 29. In a hurry to reach college,Akash,who was riding a motorcycle,hit Shaheen Bano when she was crossing the road. Both lay on the road,groaning in pain when Yadav — who was coming from the airport — saw them. The former chief minister immediately stopped and got busy arranging help. In the meantime,somebody informed the police and the station officer of Sarojini Nagar arrived. Yadav ensured that both Shaheen and Akash were sent to hospital. He also told the police officer not to harass Akash,who had hit Shaheen unintentionally.

Persona non grata in limelight


Ashutosh Pandey is one of those rare officers who has not been transferred once since the Mayawati government assumed office in May 2007. No,he is not a favourite of the regime. Pandey held good postings under the previous Mulayam Singh Yadav government. After the change of government,he became persona non grata and was posted as SSP in the Special Inquiry Cell (SIC) — a unit of the Uttar Pradesh Police that handles crime against Dalits and where no officer wants to be posted. Later,Pandey was promoted as DIG,but wasn’t moved out of the cell. With Mayawati’s bete noire P L Punia becoming chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Castes and announcing that he would like to examine the state government’s record of dealing with atrocities on Dalits,the government has suddenly developed a new interest in SIC and its work.

Cricket,UP style

In about 12 hours,Uttar Pradesh will play its first Ranji match against Punjab in Meerut on Monday,but the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) has not announced the team. On October 26,the selection committee had met in Kanpur. The next day,media carried names of a squad of 15 players,quoting sources in the selection committee. Promptly,the reports were denied as incorrect. Asked what had held up the announcement for so long,UPCA

Director Prem Dhar Pathak said: “The team published in the newspapers looks okay.

So,everybody knows it.” That is cricket,UPCA style.