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Thursday, July 19, 2018

In BJP script,all UP ills due to ‘weak leadership’ at Centre

Sushma attacks PM for his failed leadership on tackling corruption,price rise.

Written by Swaraj Thapa | Nawabganj/ Shahjahanpur | Published: March 3, 2012 3:45:42 am

Tu idhar udhar ki baat na kar,yeh bata ki qafila kyun loota/ Humein rahzanon se gila nahin,teri rehbari ka sawaal hai. (Don’t talk about hearsay,tell us why the caravan was looted/ We are not complaining about passersby,it’s your leadership that’s being questioned)

As the crowd in this moffusil town broke into applause on the last day of campaigning,BJP leader Sushma Swaraj recalled the background to this couplet,which she recited during a Lok Sabha debate last year. Striking an instant chord with the crowd,she went on to launch a tirade against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s leadership on how it has failed on the twin fronts of tackling corruption and price rise. She also raised the issue of minority appeasement by the Congress and the manner in which it had advocated religion-based quota.

A day earlier,addressing a rally in Shahjahanpur,BJP leader L K Advani had underlined how the Congress has given nothing but misgovernance in the 40 years it ruled UP and 55 years that it has been in power at the Centre. He compared the UPA to a Communist government,where the official head did not really have any say. “It is Sonia Gandhi who controls the reins of the UPA government,not the Prime Minister,” he told the crowd.

The BJP narrative in the UP election campaign,stands out for doggedly pursuing the attack on the Congress and the UPA. Its national leaders have not left any opportunity to remind the voter that the root cause for all the problems they have been suffering — from price rise to lack of development and corruption — lies at the door of the Congress.

Of course,their guns are also trained at the BSP,with the likes of Uma Bharti and Vinay Katiyar lashing out at Mayawati government for corruption in the NHRM. In Nawabganj,Swaraj said how the BSP slogan changed from Bahujan to Sarvjan to serve only members of Mayawati family. The SP is targeted for its goondaraj — that it has been associated with in its last term. But the BJP’s focus is clearly the Congress.

There is a resonance of the issues of price rise and corruption among the average voter,though not necessarily an attempt to connect them with the UPA’s governance. Farmers in the Bareilly-Shahjahanpur sector said the high prices of fertilisers has made farming unprofitable.

Shyam Singh Gangwar,a 60-year-old farmer with a 10 bigha holding,says it is becoming difficult to make ends meet. Each bigha gives a yield of 35 to 45 quintals of sugarcane or two-three quintals of wheat. He was among the lucky ones to get a price of Rs 240 per quintal for his sugarcane which he had planted in four bighas. For wheat,which he planted in the rest,he is expecting Rs 1,100 per quintal. “Prices of fertilisers and labour have skyrocketed,while that of wheat and sugarcane have gone up moderately,” he said. A katta (bag) of MPK or DAPK,he said ,was available for Rs 900,and he needed two bags.

Finding labour has become even more difficult,and farmers put the blame on the MNREGA scheme. Brijlal,a farmer in Nigohi,says the labour are getting diverted to MNREGA projects where they are paid Rs 130 per day. “But it is not only the higher rate of Rs 130. Even if we are willing to match the wages,they do not want to work for the full day as they are making the same amount by working for only two hours in MNREGA projects,” he says.

Many hold the view that the BSP government has done several misdeeds. Rajesh Sahgal in Lakhimpur claimed the local BSP workers have made crores in the last five years. His friend said Mayawati came to Lakhimpur a few months ago but no one was allowed near her.

Well-defined caste loyalties,however,overshadow whatever grievances they hold on price rise and development. In Nawabganj,SP candidate Bhagwat Sharan Gangwar,who has represented the area twice,has a several cases against him and his son Atul. Two years ago,Atul killed one person in Nawabganj after he was refused spare parts for his car.

Likewise,talk to a Jatav and point to the NHRM scam and statues,he says it’s a conspiracy against Mayawati. Suresh Chand Bodh,a Jatav from Bamiyana village says Mayawati has fulfilled Ambedkar’s dream. “Chota admi sar utha ke ji raha hain.”

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