Child protection scheme set for launch

Child protection scheme set for launch

The much-awaited Integrated Child Protection Scheme is set to be implemented in Uttar Pradesh.

The much-awaited Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) is set to be implemented in Uttar Pradesh. Recently,the state government has decided to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Centre to implement ICPS.

With this,children across the state will see the creation of State Child Rights Protection Commission (SCRPC) and protection homes with facilities for education and health in all districts. According to officials,the MoU will be signed this week. Under the scheme,every district will have a child protection society,headed by the district magistrate.

The state-level society will be headed by Principal Secretary (Women and Child Welfare) Balvinder Kumar. Like other commissions,the SCRPC will handle cases where the rights of children are being violated. “We will send the guidelines to the districts within the next two months and expect that the commission will be formed within this financial year,” said Kumar.

Government protection homes will also be included in the scheme. “We are ready with the proposals to be implemented under ICPS. The first thing that will be done is to establish protection homes across the state with support from NGOs,” said Kumar.


He added: “So far,we did not have protection homes in all districts — this made it difficult for us to provide accommodation and facilities to homeless children. But under ICPS,NGOs will be allowed to run homes,which we will monitor. For this,75 per cent of the fund will be given by the Centre.” Each district will have four such homes — one each for boys and girls and two for children in conflict with law. The state meanwhile,will construct homes under the Juvenile Justice Act for children who are in conflict with law.

“These homes cannot be run by NGOs,hence,we will construct these. But we will try to have more reformatory activities for children,as we want to remove the stigma attached to these homes that they are prisons,” said Kumar. Apart from the protection homes,the state government will also establish adoption homes for children. The state has five government-run adoption homes. “We will have one home in each district,” said Kumar.