Star Plus has aired his serials and is now projecting actor Harshad Chopda in a new avtar—of a dancing sensation...

Will you be my partner?
Star Plus has aired his serials and is now projecting actor Harshad Chopda in a new avtar—of a dancing sensation. For the latest season of Nach Baliye,Harshad is looking for a partner under a multi-city Talash-e-Baliye tour,which brought him to Lucknow on Friday.

As he sat in the judge’s chair opposite the stage erected at Fun Republic Mall,20 girls from the city gyrated to win his heart in the hope of becoming his dance partner. It was Shivangi Srivastava who was chosen by Harshad and now despite competition from girls from other towns,her place in the limelight is booked.

Mama’s boy
Comedy Circus – Chinchpokli to China wouldn’t have asked for a better opening,with cricketer Yuvraj Singh performing on the very first episode which will be aired tonight at 9:30 pm. Apart from the fact that he made the audience laugh out loud,his fans also got to witness his more sentimental side. When the all-rounder was asked to comment on some pictures he was shown on screen,he happily went ahead giving trivia on the pictures of his team mates; but finally when a picture where he was with his mother was shown,Yuvi went silent. He got a little emotional and said,“She is everything to me and it is because of her that I have come so far.”

No haircuts please
Krish,who plays Sachin in Main Teri Parchhain Hoon may be bratty and tough to handle at times,but he remains everyone’s favourite on the sets. Abir Goswami who plays Dheeraj in the same show says,“He makes us feel at home; we play cricket in our spare time and at the end of the game the whole unit is running to catch him instead of the ball.”

Recently,the production team suggested a haircut for Krish to make his look more neat and tidy. But when the idea was tossed around,the whole unit unanimously vetoed it saying that they all love his messy look and that his messy hair is part of his personality. Seems like Krish is well on his way to becoming a hair style icon.