TV channels have ganged up with my rivals,says Mamata Banerjee

Don't lay a finger on them. We will tackle them legally, says Mamata Banerjee.

Written by Press Trust Of India | Published: June 22, 2013 3:50:33 am

A day after accusing a section of activists protesting the recent incidents of rape in the state as linked with pornography,Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday that some local news channels had ganged up with the opposition to make a hue and cry over rape and violence in the state and reiterated that there was a conspiracy to kill her.

Naming a local media house running a tv news channel and two others critical of her government,Mamata told a panchayat election rally here,“They are systematically using the Congress,CPM and BJP for propaganda against the government doing good work,for terror,murder and rape.”

When her naming the channels caused commotion at the rally,the chief minister,warned: “Don’t lay a finger on them. We will tackle them legally.”

Her comments came on a day when a cross section of intellectuals and people hit the streets to protest against the spurt in crimes against women in the state.

Dwelling again on the allegation that a conspiracy was afoot to eliminate her,she said “There is a conspiracy to kill me and party general secretary Mukul Roy. The CPM,Congress,BJP and Maoists have joined hands.”

“The CPM should remember that if one Mamata Banerjee is killed,lakhs of Mamata Banerjees would be born. I am not cowed by threats. I am not afraid of death,but if I die I will die like a hero. My life is a struggle for justice for 35 years,” she said.

She said: “Perpetrators have been arrested within 24 hours. What else do you want?”

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