Sitaram Yechury: There is no model, no understanding with Congress

Sitaram Yechury: There is no model, no understanding with Congress

Gautam Deb, however, claimed he will speak to Yechury about the alliance.

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Sunday rubbished any possibility of his party and the Congress coming together to contest the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation on October 3.

Asked if the two parties would come together, Yechury said: “There is no model and there is no such understanding that you are talking of. In situations where there is an attack and the politics of terror and intimidation become more dominant, people themselves come together in resistance.”

“It’s not some sort of a political pact. People are coming together to protect themselves and defend their democratic rights… We have no front or alliance with any party…,” he added.


Senior CPM leader Gautam Deb, however, kept speculations alive when he claimed that he will speak to Yechury about forming such an alliance.


Addressing mediapersons while he released a list of Left Front candidates for the 41 wards of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, Deb said that the newly-constructed People’s Forum — comprising people from all parties — will ensure that people are allowed to exercise their franchise and that law and order is restored.

Asked if this forum was the beginning of an alliance between CPM and Congress, he said: “A small forum cannot determine whether there will be an alliance but possibility cannot be ruled out. The national general secretary of CPM (Yechury) is in town. We will seek an appointment with him and discuss the issue of joining hands because the main aim is to get Trinamool Congress out. For this, anything which needs to be done should be done.”

Warning the Trinamool government that CPM will not take anything lying low, Deb added: “Since the Trinamool government came to power, we gave it a honeymoon period of one-and-a-half-years, within which there were no demonstrations, rallies or any kind of protest. After that, in the second phase, the motive was to expose Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. We had let people know about the misrule and the corrupt practices of the government.”

“This is the third phase… where we confront Mamata. We will confront her in whichever way possible… Next will be the fourth phase of oustering her,” he said.
On state Food Supplies Minister Jyotipriya Mullick claiming that Trinamool will win all the 41 seats of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, the former minister said: “He is under tremendous pressure from Mamata Banerjee because he has been put in-charge of the elections. If he lets her down, it will be difficult for him to go to his office at the Food Corporation of India building. Let him keep aside his bike brigade and come to Bidhannagar and show us how he can win.”
“To the bikers, all I have say is that if they come here with the intention to create trouble, they might not return on their bikes,” Deb added.