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Scroll of Liberty

The ancient art of parchment making may well be the answer to the recession problem...

The ancient art of parchment making may well be the answer to the recession problem. At least that’s what the people from Ficci-Flo Ladies Organisation,feel. “In today’s electronic age people can learn this ancient art to create amazing utility items with parchment and learn a new means of earning a livelihood for the women who have an artistic bent of mind,more so in the present times of economic downturn,” says Rajkumari Saharia,chairperson,Ficci-Flo,who orgainsed an exhibition of parchment crafts at Ballygunge last week.

Parchment craft was an art practiced and perfected during the ancient period in the dearth of papyrus. The art has since died a natural death with the advent of other methods of recording language. In recent times,efforts have been taken to revive the art form. “Today,we can adapt the craft to make cards,bookmarks,wall-hangings and other decorative items,” Kannu Murugappan,a teacher of parchment art,who was trained by Martha Ospin,who revived the art in the 20th Century.

It takes about two days in completion of medium sized wall hanging says Gaurangi Agarwal,a Kolkata-based parchment artist. Women from different sections of the society participated in this workshop.

“I am very excited to bring this event to Kolkata,as this would enable many women to to empower themselves financially and also add a dash of colour to their lives,”says Saharia.