Pregnant woman given ‘wrong blood transfusion’

Pregnant woman given ‘wrong blood transfusion’

Husband claims error led wife’s condition to turn critical; hospital authorities say she is now stable, team to probe

A 31-year-old pregnant woman’s condition allegedly deteriorated after she was given a transfusion of the wrong blood type at a private hospital in Kolkata, leading her husband to file a police complaint.

In the complaint, lodged at Bidhannagar South police station, Abhijeet Saha alleged that Columbia Asia Hospital in Salt Lake had given his wife Baishakhi AB+ blood despite her type being A+. Baishakhi had approached the hospital on June 5 with abdominal pain and was operated on the same night, Abhijeet said.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Abhijeet said, “My wife had an ectopic pregnancy and the doctor suggested an immediate operation. We were told that she would be fine in the next two days.” He further claimed that he had asked about the blood type used in the transfusion. “They (nurses) said it was AB+ while my wife is A+. I told them they were using the wrong blood group. They kept arguing that it was done as per the serology report. Within a few hours, her (Baishakhi’s) urine bag was full of dark-red blood.

“Despite repeated efforts, no one came to see her. When I told doctors, they said it was normal and there was nothing to worry about. Later, when a doctor came to see her, he said the patient was serious and shifted her to the ICU. She has been on ventilation since June 7. The hospital kept reminding me of bill payment instead of the treatment,” Abhijeet said. He claimed the bill was now Rs 5 lakh, half of which he has paid.

The hospital, on the other hand, said the patient had come with a three-week-old tubal pregnancy and had bled heavily into the abdominal cavity.
“She developed a complication following the blood transfusion, which has been aggressively treated by a team of specialists, who are monitoring the patient continuously, round the clock… Ms Baishakhi is now stable and taken off the ventilator. She has eaten normally since afternoon. All her vital parameters are within normal limits and she is expected to make a rapid recovery.

“The hospital and its team of consultants will continue to provide appropriate and aggressive treatment until the patient recovers fully. We are committed to providing the care to the patient irrespective of any monetary considerations,” a statement from the hospital read.


The statement further said that the hospital has ordered a probe to find out if Baishakhi was given a transfusion of the wrong blood type. Meanwhile, the patient’s family has written to the CMO’s office, seeking intervention in the case.