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Kabir Suman once again sings Mamata tune

He said, “sense of duty” compelled me to resist the “BJP-RSS force” and support Mamata.

Once on the warpath with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, noted singer Kabir Suman — in a U-turn on Saturday — praised his once ‘bête noire’. A former Trinamool MP, Suman — who had quit the party — said that a “sense of duty” compelled him to resist the “BJP-RSS force” and support Mamata, a secular force.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Suman said: “I felt compelled to take part in the battle of resisting Hindutva forces. It is my duty to speak against the destructive force of BJP-RSS. They will destroy the basic fabric of Indian culture and democracy. The way they are attacking minorities, they will kill democracy if they are not resisted.”

“Under such circumstances, I am willing to side with Mamata Banerjee. I am confident that she will fight them (BJP-RSS). Had Congress been in power in Bengal, I would have joined them too,” he added.


Significantly, Suman had fallen out of Mamata’s favour in 2012, after he started criticising the party publicly. He had been vocal against Trinamool on several political issues and incidents in the last three years.

Suman claimed that he was not ready to be a “slave of the party” or a “sycophant” and had thus quit Trinamool.

Asked about his relationship with Mamata and Trinamool, he said: “ I had always been vocal against any injustice meted out to people. I have written several songs too to lodge my protest. But now, a person like me, needs to resist the onslaught of BJP-RSS force. So, I have to decided to take a side and Trinamool is a potential in resisting the BJP-RSS force.”

He, however, maintained that he will not join politics again as he is unwell. “You can call me a political activist. I am a political person but would not be a part of electoral politics again. I came to know about my joining Trinamool after Mamata Banerjee announced my name as the candidate from Jadavpur. In near future, I will take part in some political meetings of the Trinamool as a speaker but would not join active politics,” said Suman. Sources said Suman is set to address the minority population in future election campaigns for the party.

The whisper on Suman joining Trinamool again started after he was invited by the Bengal government to join Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s delegation to Bangladesh. Mamata is scheduled to visit Bangladesh during “Bhasha Divas” celebrations on February 21.


Suman, however, said he will not be able to join the delegation due to his ill health. “An official from the state information and culture department invited me to join the delegation. However, I did not receive any call from any political leader. I really want to join the delegation. But I am too sick to visit any place now. I apologise to the people of Bangladesh and Bengal for my inability to visit Bangladesh on February 21,” he added.