In ‘Din bodoler pala’,a screen adaptation of Kamduni rape and murder

The rape and murder of a 20-year-old college girl in Kamduni and the protest thereafter will be the subject for director Partha Sarathi Joardar’s upcoming film

Written by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Published: September 2, 2013 3:36:03 am

The rape and murder of a 20-year-old college girl in Kamduni and the protest thereafter will be the subject for director Partha Sarathi Joardar’s upcoming film,tentatively titled Din Bodoler Pala. This will be the second such representation on celluloid this year after Raj Chakraborty’s Proloy,based on the life of Barun Biswas,the anti-rape crusader of Sutia,trudged on a similar territory.

“The groundwork for the film is ready. I have discussed the film with actors like Sabyasachi Chakraborty,Sankar Chakrabarty,Rajesh Sharma and Krishnakishore Mukherjee. The shooting will begin after the Durga Puja. I plan to shoot at the real location,and have spoken to the villagers in this regard. They,too,are excited about it,” the director said.

Pradeep Mukherjee,a school principal and head of the anti-rape forum,Kamduni Pratibadi Mancha,said,“I have heard about it. Any kind of publicity will be good for our movement,which we intend to carry forward.”

The film,the director said,will revolve around the villagers of Kamduni and the protest led by them against the incident. What began as a small protest later snowballed into a revolution that caught national attention. “Just like what happened,the film will depict the protesters’ fight against the atrocity without any political help,” Joardar said.

For the director,however,the upcoming film won’t be an easy venture out of the censorship muddle. Joardar’s previous film,Kagojer Nouka,about ponzi firms,went through heavy cuts besides attracting a lot of political flak.

“In my new film,I have decided to portray that these criminals,who go around killing and raping with impunity,cannot do so without being patronised by top political bosses. If the censor board finds it inappropriate and cuts major portions,the film will lose its impact. After my experience with Kagojer Nouka,I have a feeling that this film,too,will go through a lot (of cuts),” he said.

There are other concerns,too. “Ideally,I would have made a bilingual film but since the budget does not permit,as I would need three or four actors from the Hindi film industry,I will get the film dubbed in Hindi to cater to the audience outside Bengal.” the director said.

On hearing about the film,Mausumi Kayal,who,along with her friend Tumpa Kayal,steered the protest,showed excitement. “It feels good that we have managed to make such an impact. The film will definitely help carry our movement further,” she said.

The brother of the rape victim was,however,more worried about his family’s domestic problems. “The protest seems to be fizzling out. No one is bothered about what is happening to us anymore. My parents are bed-ridden and we go without a meal sometimes,but there is no one to enquire about us,” he said,adding there is no point in contacting the forum members as well.

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