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His poems all about farmers’ struggle

Sudipta Gupta’s favourite pastime was writing poetry.

Ekhono Sab Kichu Jaye Ni Themey

Ekhono Ghurche Prithibi

Dakche Sakal Belar Pakhi

Hoche Sakal Bhorer Akashe Uthchey Lal Surjya

Sudipta Gupta’s favourite pastime was writing poetry. The above lines were from his poem titled Larai Cholche. An ardent Marxist,the 22-year-old student of political science,mostly wrote about the daily struggle of farmers and labourers .

While recalling the time he spent with his son,Pranab Gupta could not stop himself weeping.

“He loved singing Rabindrasangeet and I love playing violin. He would come beside the bed and stand motionless listening to my playing the violin,” Gupta choked as he spoke about losing his most ardent fan.


“He used to say to me that my music was an inspiration for him. Who will now listen to my violin? Who will now listen to my violin?” Gupta added.

Recounting his son’s baptism into politics after he joined Netaji Nagar College,he said: “Sudipta always wanted to become a full-time party supporter. He worked actively as SFI member.”

Sumita Sengupta said her brother was a jovial person who always stood beside people and was loved by all.

“I can’t see my brother lying dead on a bed. I always wanted to see him standing tall. I’ll always cherish the memories I had with my borther,” said Sumita as she flipped through the photos of his brother’s Digha trip,which he made a few months ago.