Air India resumes Dreamliner flights

Air India resumes Dreamliner flights

The planes were called back after they developed a technical snag.

After being grounded for four months,Air India (AI) resumed its Dreamliner service today with regular commercial flights from Delhi to Kolkata and Bangalore.

The planes were called back after they developed a technical snag.

“There were issues with the batteries which got heated up abnormally. Our engineers,along with international experts,successfully figured it out and now we have ensured that this problem will never occur again because we have put additional insulation around the cells of the battery.


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Those are lithium-ion batteries,similar to what we have in many of our laptops and cell phones. These are very powerful batteries and can get heated up,which is why we are putting additional insulations around them now,” Boeing’s senior vice-president Dinesh Keskar said,adding that 50 were aircraft grounded because of the same problem and of which 39 were complete.

Before the fleet was grounded on January 16,AI had three flights domestically — Kolkata,Chennai and Bangalore — and three international flights to Dubai,Paris and Frankfurt. “Today we had been able to restore the flights to Bangalore and Kolkata and on May 28 we will resume flights to Chennai. In the first phase,we would like to go back to the schedule that we were operating before January 16 and hence,we will be covering all the three destinations along with Frankfurt and Paris. On May 22,the first flight to London will take off,” said Rohit Nandan,CMD,Air India.