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A move with a difference

They firmly believe that it is not politicians or the industrialists but teachers who are instrumental in creating the future of our country and that they need to be well taken care of.

They firmly believe that it is not politicians or the industrialists but teachers who are instrumental in creating the future of our country and that they need to be well taken care of. While there are many organisations working for different sections of the society,hardly anyone works with teachers. Motivated by this,the organisation Life School Foundation (LSF) started the Keep Moving Movement (KMM) in July 2011,which consists of workshops that aim to bring out the best in teachers and students.

“The education system of our country is good but not comprehensive. While our exams do reward those with wonderful memory and analytical skills,we are not developing crucial skills like relationship building,situational intelligence,emotional maturity,meaningful living,teamwork,tackling failures,handling setbacks and some more incredibly important skills. Even from a premium medical college in Pune,where only the most brilliant minds get admission,students’ suicide cases are reported almost every year. Hence we decided to do something about this and launced KMM,” says Narendra Goidani,founder of Life School Foundation. He also takes care of training the teachers and volunteers. The initiative is voluntary and LSF does not charge a fee from the schools or the students.

The KMM team consists of 175 volunteers from all walks of life,including industrialists,doctors,lawyers,architects,interior designers,entrepreneurs,students,homemakers and so on. Briefing about the KMM work process,Goidani says that the team first approaches the schools with an invitation,a ready schedule and a session module of the workshops,which are attended by the teachers who are nominated by their respective schools. The workshops train the teachers through games,insights,new teaching techniques and passionate communication methods. The teachers then replicate the sessions in their schools. “Our volunteers visit the school to take mock sessions with the teachers and clarify any doubts that they might have and then the teachers take the sessions in their schools,” says Goidhani. With each school,the KMM team conducts seven workshops of two hours each. This year’s workshops cover meditation,nurturing relationships,expectation management,facing things that cannot be changed,intelligent efforts and seva (service).

KMM initially began with workshops targeting students,but has since expanded to reach out to teachers as well. Last year,the KMM team trained about 10,000 students and 3000 teachers. This year,they are training 1218 teachers,who in turn are training about 100 students each,on an average. A similar model has been introduced in Baramati too. Some of the Pune schools with whom KMM has conducted workshops are St Felix School,Vikhe Patil Memorial School,DAV Aundh,Army Public School,St Joseph’s,The Orbis School,Symbiosis School and so on.


During the sessions with students,Goidhani says,the KMM team realised that though they were creating a good impact with most students,there were a few who had complex issues that could only be solved by regular discussions with someone they meet every day. “We realised that if teachers will take sessions with the students,the effectiveness will be greater. Besides,unlike our volunteers,a teacher knows the history of the child and he or she is better equipped to do a follow up,” explains Goidani,adding that they have witnessed tremendous results in this direction in the first two sessions itself. This,he says,has helped the teachers grow emphatically in their personal and teaching life.

“Our target was to reach out to 1000 teachers and 3,00,000 students. While we are reaching out to 1218 teachers,we may not yet be able to reach 3,00,000 students. Lets wait till the end of the program and see how far we will been able to reach,” says Goidhani,adding that in the future,they plan to include corporation schools as well,and expand to a few more cities.