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Videos that were the hit machines of the viral world

Rap,Song and Cuss Words

Ranveer Singh’s New Gangnam style puts the rest of this week’s videos to shame. If a shoddily shot mobile-video can get over five lakh views in one day,then one can imagine the potential and repeat value of its content. It shows Singh dancing to a shamelessly promotional song styled on Gangnam style at an event for a phone company. The lyrics,singing (suspected to be Singh’s),and the performance are all meant for unintended humour.

Shankar Tucker,the American clarinetist and musician who shot to fame through his series of song videos The Shruti Box on YouTube,has attempted a cappella with his new song Jaane Kaise. It has got two lakh views within two days of its release,with even last week’s YouTube star,Alaa Wardi sharing it on his Facebook page.

Virat Kohli abusing spectators is an example of how current events can make a year old video resurface,getting more views in the last few days than it had during the time it was posted. With a recent IPL match that saw Kohli being booed by spectators at the Wankhede Stadium,this video-captured in a spectator’s mobile camera ¯ shows The Royal Challengers Bangalore captain losing his cool and getting back at a group of unruly spectators at the Chepauk stadium. The video has nearly five lakh views.