Where were the one lakh? AAP taunts BJP

AAP said they would include “failure of the BJP” to ensure an attendance of one-lakh people at their rally.

Written by Dipankar Ghose | New Delhi | Published: January 12, 2015 1:42:34 am

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at the Ramlila Maidan, the AAP plans to attack the BJP over attendance at the event. Senior party members said they would include what they termed “failure of the BJP” to ensure an attendance of one-lakh people at the rally in their campaign.

“Numbers are the focus of a rally organised on such a large scale to show that the party is immensely popular. It is clear that though they themselves advertised that one lakh people would attend, even the highest estimates are at 40,000. We will raise this point before the people we reach out to, that even Narendra Modi failed to draw people and the rally flopped. This is already finding mention on social media and senior leaders will make mention of this in their speeches as well. We have pictures of the empty chairs at Ramlila Maidan,” a senior leader said.

AAP leaders said the party “has decided to make source of funds to political parties as one of its focal points of campaign for the Delhi Assembly elections”. “The AAP challenges the BJP and the Congress to reveal their sources of funds and let the people of Delhi know how much money they will spend on their campaigns for the Assembly elections,” a leader said.

The party said its own social media initiative, the “IfundHonestParty”, had received donations of Rs 2 crore in the first 10 days of the campaign. “An interesting feature of this latest fundraising initiative has been that highest single-day donations were received on January 10 (Saturday), the day Modi launched a negative campaign against Kejriwal,” Pankaj Gupta, AAP national secretary, said.

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