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When in Venice

The exhibition, by Sangeeta Juneja, offers an overview of what is happening in India now.


By: Ananya Bhatia

At the Architectural Biennale in Venice, which started earlier this month, gallerist Sangeeta Juneja hopes to make an impact with Indian art. Adjacent to the Biennale venue, at the Arsenale Nord, the founder of Jaipur-based Gallery Artchill, Juneja is showcasing over 100 works of art, from modernists like SH Raza to contemporaries such as Subodh Gupta, N Pushpamala, Ravindra Reddy and Shilpa Gupta.

“It offers an overview of what is happening in India now,” says curator Sandro Orlandi. Orlandi of ARTantide gallery in Verona has collaborated with Juneja for this show. At the exhibition, “India-The Revealed Mysteries”, Seema Kohli pondered on death as a recycling of life in her performance art piece ‘Is Death Possible?’; Mukesh Sharma’ s installation ‘Nagaraj’ shows the overpowering role of technology through computer keyboards and mosquito nets; Surendra Pal Joshi’s ‘Paani’ is a take on the 2013 Uttarakhand catastrophe. It has safety pins strung together to create the effect of flowing water. “Like a safety pin that fastens things but also stings, water has a dual nature. It gives life but can also take it,” says Joshi. The exhibition ends on September 30.