Washed Out

We made our way through dusty,dug-up Connaught Place to reach a restaurant with a rather ambitious name — Wow.

Written by Sharon Fernandes | Published: July 19, 2010 2:30:48 am

Wow,the new Chinese restaurant at CP,just doesn’t live up to its name

We made our way through dusty,dug-up Connaught Place to reach a restaurant with a rather ambitious name — Wow. But the look was same old,same old — low lighting,brown furniture and walls scooped out in neat squares. The highlight was a water cascade that flowed from the ceiling,down the two-level restaurant.

The ambience was pleasant,though the waiters seemed too eager to please. Barely had we picked out a table on the lower floor,when menu cards were shoved into our faces. The menu,which was entirely Chinese,didn’t throw any surprises.

The Lemon Coriander Soup with chicken (Rs 95) was bland and tasteless,and this was after we had sent back a bowl of vegetarian soup that the waiter served us. The starters were Crispy Chicken Chilly Cilantro (Rs 185) and Sliced Lamb in Fresh Chilli (Rs 210),again recommended by another eager waiter. The dishes arrived quickly. The lamb bits were succulent,but the peppers served alongside were limp. The chicken-cilantro dish was crisp and flavoured just right. Finally it seemed things were looking up. But then we asked for the chef’s special.

We were told to order Chilli Garlic Butter Prawns (Rs 395),which turned out to be an average affair. Instead of a slick buttery sauce that should have shimmered on the crustacean,the sauce was heavy on corn starch. The prawns were undercooked and the meat didn’t taste garlicky at all — until we actually got hold of a pod from the sauce and munched on it. Things were looking as upside down as the craters outside the glass door.

The main course was Mix Meat Combo with Wheat Noodles in XO sauce (Rs 280) and Diced Chicken in Garlic Sauce served with Fried Rice (Rs 250). The chicken dish with fried rice was flavoursome ,though it could have had more zing. The wheat noodles in XO sauce was terrible. The sauce lacked any seafood flavour. Clearly,someone behind the swinging kitchen doors had made short work by tossing the noodles in soya sauce,pieces of shrimp and chicken.

Though just two months old,the place has a rundown look. Seats had shoe marks probably left by an excited child who traipsed on them and the menu was splashed with sauce. Also,avoid paying by credit card. You will be left staring at the ceiling for another 20 minutes while your card hops across Connaught Place to other restaurants of the mothership Gola.

The prices at Wow may please you but certainly not the food. Not unless you make good use of the “happy hours” that last from Monday to Thursday and maybe things will look bright if you are inebriated enough.


L-22,Near Odeon Cinema

Connaught Place

Phone: 43028070

Meal for two: Rs 1,200

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