Warped Tales

With every warp and weft,the Indian handicraft is rich with stories of tradition,technique and aesthetics.

Published: September 2, 2013 5:14:52 am


With every warp and weft,the Indian handicraft is rich with stories of tradition,technique and aesthetics. At the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA),an exhibition called “Resurgence” brings forward such stories to the fore yet again,with a classic collection of Indian embroideries. At IGNCA’s exhibition hall,11 Mansingh Road,till September 15. Contact: 23388447

Ode to a Legend

The “Mallika-e-Ghazal” of the 20th century India,Begum Akhtar’s childhood,her first performance,her career and demise is a long verse in itself. Hai Akhtari: Remembering Begum Akhtar,a film by S Kalidas,highlights the life of the ghazal,thumri and dadra singer. At India International Centre,Lodhi Estate,on September 2 at 6.30 pm. Entry is free.

Contact: 24619431


City Scape

Rustling metal,bare bricks and old walls,Mumbai’s metamorphosis is evident in the photographs of Amrish Vaidya. A pediatric surgeon by profession,Vaidya’s documentation of the city’s beauty ravaged by time and man will be showcased in his debut solo exhibition,called “Frames of Reference”. At Sakshi Gallery,Colaba. Contact: 66103424

Short Stories

What happens when a collective of actors,artists,writers and musicians come together for 10-minute plays? Known as Stray Factory,the group will present at an event called “Osama,Cinema and a Whole Lot of Black Magic”. Belting out productions titled Chairpersons,My Name is Cine-Ma,Lost Audition and P James for President,Stray Factory will perform at NCPA on September 11.

Contact: 22824567


A Child’s Canvas

Every child is an artist,” goes the saying. Bringing together four to 16-year-olds,the “Child Art Show” aims to display works that reveal the development of drawing and painting. With as many as 100 works in different mediums,the show is at Boutique Hotel Icon,Sector 8,Chandigarh,till September 7.


Brush of Life

There’s a rhythm of life in the strokes of Ravhi Songirkaar. Done in oil and charcoal,Songirkaar’s canvas merges the realistic and abstract in “Natural Rhythms”,at Bliss Art Gallery,Koregaon Park,till September 14,from 9 am to 6 pm.

Contact: 9970895818

Offerings in Colours

For Sita Sudhakar,her canvas metamorphose into leaves. Representing 21 leaves used as offering to Ganesha,her paintings also denote medicinal as well as spiritual significance. At Bal Gandharva Kaladalan,JM Road,till September 3. Contact: 9860765460

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