View from the Top

View from the Top

Artist Rohini Devasher maps common points between astronomy and art through metaphors in her latest exhibition

A 19-minute audio piece created by artist Rohini Devasher,titled Reading into the Stars,at Khoj Studios welcomes viewers into the familiar yet strange world of stars and the night sky. The exhibition “Deep Time” contains recordings of 30 amateur and professional astronomers from across the world. In the audio,an astronomer shares how stars are like parents,who watch over us,while another describes why stars are important to him.

“I have been an amateur astronomer for as long as I have been an artist,”says Devasher,winner of the Skoda Breakthrough Artist Award 2012. “This is an ongoing project that looks at mapping common points between astronomy and art through the metaphor of telescopes,” she says. This project started three years ago in Delhi to unravel the world of amateur astronomers.

Another work Surface Tracking comprises a set of 12 hand drawings of Google Earth maps of the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT),near Pune. “Here the watcher becomes the watched and the observer becomes the observed. Instead of them looking up,we are looking down at them,” says the artist. Parts Unknown,exhibited at Kochi Biennale this year,has seven screens,which show slow-moving videos of Ladakh,where the Indian Astronomical Observatory,one of the world’s highest sites for optical,infrared and gamma-ray telescopes,is located.

The exhibition is on display at Khoj Studios,S-17,Khirkee Extension till October 13,between 11 am and 7 pm. Contact: 29545274.