Victim’s family presses for death for all four

With folded hands she pleaded with the judge to ensure her daughter’s given justice.

Written by Ananya Bhardwaj | New Delhi | Published: September 11, 2013 12:31:57 am

With folded hands she pleaded with the judge to ensure her daughter’s given justice. She said she had been waiting for this day ever since her daughter died in a Singapore hospital on December 29,13 days after being gangraped on board a bus.

The verdict pronouncing all accused in the case guilty came as a brief respite for the 23-year-old paramedic student’s family. They now await the sentencing,reserved for Wednesday.

“Justice will be done in the true sense only if all of them are hanged. They did not think twice before subjecting my daughter to such a brutal assault,then why should the law show any mercy?” the mother said.

The victim’s father said they were happy that all four accused were found guilty. “During her last moments,my daughter mentioned that she wanted all four accused dead. Weeping,she told her mother that despite her efforts,she could not escape from their clutches. Her words still haunt me. We want nothing but death for all four,” he said.

The father also said they were shattered by the sentence awarded to the juvenile convicted in the case. The juvenile was sentenced to three years in a correction home on August 31.

The family,which presently lives in a flat in Dwarka,said they will be present in the court early on Wednesday. “I wont be able to sleep. I just hope that the sentence is what we expect it to be,” the father said.

The woman’s male friend,the only witness in the case,was not present in the court on Tuesday.

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