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Uber cab rape: Accused says probe ‘shoddy’

Counsel for accused says several documents were ‘planted’ by the probe agency.

The Uber cab driver facing trial for allegedly raping a 25-year-old woman executive Monday alleged the police conducted a “shoddy and botched up” probe to falsely implicate him.

Driver Shiv Kumar Yadav’s counsel, while continuing the final arguments in the case, said there were several missing links in the investigation of the police and several documents were “planted” by the probe agency.


“There were several improvements in the woman’s statements and she was also supporting the shoddy and botched up probe of the police. Police was planting evidence and she was supporting it,” Yadav’s counsel D K Mishra told Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja. Advocate Mishra argued that for three days after alleged incident — the woman in her statements to the police and also before a magistrate — had mentioned the name of the accused as “Gaurav”, which she had come to know through mobile application ‘Truecaller’.

“How could the police know that the name of the accused was Shiv Kumar Yadav and proceed to arrest him? This showed planting and manufacturing of evidence by police,” the counsel claimed. He alleged the “woman deliberately identified a wrong person as the accused in the case and it was not his client who was involved in the alleged incident”.
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