Trail of Breadcrumbs

Trail of Breadcrumbs

Restaurateurs are leaving no sushi unturned to get people into the eateries — and keep them coming. At Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mehrauli...

Restaurateurs are leaving no sushi unturned to get people into the eateries — and keep them coming. At Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mehrauli,you can flash what they call an Olive Family Card and pay 15 per cent less on your dinner bill. Most loyalty cards,like Olive’s,are not for the asking — they are sent to regulars and the partying glitterati. In return for their loyalty,the faithful will be plied with free wines and deep discounts.

In two months,Punjab Grill outlets will give a 35 per cent discount to their loyalty-card holders. “It will be by invitation only and will go to our regular diners and some gourmands. They will be given complimentary wines and priority reservation on busy days,” says Zorawar Kalra of Punjab Grill. Meanwhile,Sattvik,the vegetarian restaurant at Select Citywalk in Saket,is giving away “Green Cards”. You just have to fill up a form and within a fortnight the card will be dispatched to you. You can enjoy a 20 per cent discount on your bill on your birthdays and anniversaries,and a 15 per cent discount on other days. “Currently we are charging no annual fee. The response has been good and we are getting about 50 applications each day,” says Basudev of Sattvik,about their month-old scheme.

Next door,at the Metropolitan Mall,Ai has introduced the Ai,Me,Myself card to help you get some extra pampering. Its lounge,Love Hotel,too will soon offer a VIP Access Card. “It will help the cardholder get instant access to the place. There will also be a hotline number for them to help organise parties,” says Priyanka Dod,corporate manager (events).

“The competition is tough these days and it is important for us to keep our regular customers happy,” says Ritika Kalra of Old World Hospitality that introduced loyalty cards at Chor Bizarre about a year ago. Chor Bizarre offers a 20 per cent discount to those who hold their privilege cards. The privilege card is by invitation only,but you could see an invite coming your way if you dine there more than twice in a quarter. Apparently,being in the good books of the staff also helps. “We have asked our restaurant managers to recommend people who dine with us regularly,” says Kalra,“Since these cards have been introduced,the number of regulars has gone up.”


At Shalom,the hip lounge bar at Greater Kailash II and Vasant Vihar,you can flaunt their Peace Ambassador Club card to get some discounts. “In the current market scenario,it is important to acknowledge people who appreciate us,” says Asit Sharma,corporate head,food and beverages,Shalom.

TGI Friday’s is also in the card game,giving a 50 per cent discount to their loyalty cardholders on their birthdays and anniversaries. They will also be pampered with a complimentary appetiser while their order gets ready. “It’s our way of showing our appreciation for our regulars. The person can even book the entire restaurant and order in bulk but the discount remains the same,” says Sanjeev Takru,manager (marketing),TGIF.