Traffic cop abducted by trucker, rescued after 15-minute chase

Traffic cop abducted by trucker, rescued after 15-minute chase

Around 10 PCR vans were used and three rounds were fired to intercept the truck. Police are suspecting the vehicle belonged to sand mafia

High drama unfolded in New Delhi’s Mandir Marg area after a truck driver and his helper allegedly abducted a traffic constable for demanding a “bribe”. The constable was rescued after a 15-minute chase during which police fired three rounds to deflate the tyres of the vehicle.

While, truck driver Mohammad Tarif (26), a resident of a Gurgaon village, was arrested, his helper managed to escape. Around 10 PCR vans were used to intercept the truck laden with sand. Police are suspecting that the vehicle belonged to  sand mafia.

It all started at around 11:15 PM on Wednesday during a joint checking at Ridge Road-Shankar Road roundabout. A PCR van was also deployed at the roundabout.

“A truck bearing Haryana registration number was signalled to stop by the traffic staff. Traffic constable Dinesh went near the truck and asked the driver to produce the documents of the vehicle. When Dinesh climbed up to driver’s cabinet to take possession of the truck keys, so that the driver does not run away, and looked for papers, the helper suddenly tried to pull him in. The truck sped off from the checking point even as the constable was hanging out,” said deputy commissioner of police (PCR) R K Singh.


As there was a heavy police presence in the area, one of the PCR vans spotted the truck and sounded an alarm. “The PCR van staff flashed the message to the Control Room that the truck driver has forcibly taken away constable Dinesh in the truck. A PCR van head constable Krishan Kumar spotted the truck on Panchkuiyan Road and signalled it to stop, but the truck driver tried to escape. He fired three rounds at the truck’s tyres. Finally, he stopped the truck at Link Road Chambery on Panchkuiyan Road and the traffic constable was rescued. The entire operation took 15 minutes and there were 10 PCR vans involved in it,” Singh added.

Later, a case under Sections 186, 353, 365 of the IPC was been registered at Mandir Marg police station and the truck was seized. “The truck had come from Gurgaon and was heading towards Karol Bagh. Role of sand mafia is being suspected in the case, but police are ascertaining the facts,” said a senior police officer.

Sources said that investigation has revealed that the accused, Tarif, has been driving commercial vehicles for four years and he was going to Karol Bagh to deliver the consignment when the incident occurred. “After the sustained interrogation, Tarif told the police that traffic constable had demanded a bribe from him and climbed up to the driver’s cabinet after he refused to pay,” police sources added. The allegations are being looked into by senior  officials of the Delhi Police.