Tihar prison break: ‘Javed was told he will get Rs 20 lakh for escape’

Faizan, in his confession report, said Javed had stayed in Tihar longer and was confident of pulling off the escape.

Written by Sarah Hafeez | New Delhi | Published: July 4, 2015 2:35:23 am
Tihar Jail, Tihar Jail prison break, Tihar Jail prison breakout, Tihar, Delhi news, india news, nation news, news The undertrials were lodged in jail No. 7. (Source: Express photo by Amit Mehra)

Faizan, the 19-year-old undertrial who escaped from Tihar Jail this week and was later caught, told police that he was unhappy in his prison cell as he was being roughed up and bullied by fellow inmates. Javed, the other undertrial who made an escape bid, said the inmates had told him that he would be rewarded Rs 20 lakh and a flat by the government if he could breach security and escape from Tihar.

A senior police officer said, “Both Faizan and Javed have been claiming the other was the mastermind of the plan to break out of Tihar.

Faizan, in his confession report, said Javed had stayed in Tihar longer and was confident of pulling off the escape. Their statements concurred on June 25 as the date of them meeting each other in ward four of jail seven. Faizan had come to Tihar a day earlier while Javed was in Tihar since June 2.”

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Javed, a senior police officer said, claimed Faizan masterminded the escape. “Moreover, Javed claimed that he had seen graffiti on a prison wall which said he who escaped from Tihar would be rewarded handsomely. Inmates in the prison not only confirmed the fact but also claimed that if he escaped from Tihar successfully, he would be rewarded with a flat and Rs 20 lakh from the government. Javed, however, refused to name the inmate who told him the same,” the officer said.

According to police, Faizan was extremely unhappy living in Tihar. “He was homesick, and the fasting during Ramzan reminded him of his mother and brother. He wanted to go back home. Moreover, his brother was not going to bail him out a second time and he was scared about the prospect of having to live in the prison house forever. He said life was made miserable by the added bullying he was subjected to.

The more violent and older prisoners used to slap him on their way in or out of the ward. Some used to rough him up as well. He, however, did not complain to prison officials,” the officer said.

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