Three sad faces amid the joy

Three sad faces amid the joy

The three AAP candidates who lost were left wondering how the “wave” left them by the wayside.

When a party wins 67 of 70 seats in an election, and still has three glum faces in its ranks, it’s obvious whose they’d be. The three AAP candidates who lost from Rohini, Vishwas Nagar and Mustafabad were left wondering how the “wave” left them by the wayside.

While C L Gupta vowed to continue working for Rohini, Vishwas Nagar’s Atul Gupta claimed he lost by a “very thin margin” of over 10,000 votes and Mustafabad’s Mohammed Yunus blamed his “late entry” for the defeat.

C L Gupta, Rohini

Lost to Vijender Gupta (BJP) by 5,367 votes

Advocate C L Gupta said 10 or 13 affluent residential societies in Rohini, where he was working as an activist and recently as an AAP worker, voted for the BJP, leading to his defeat. “I had promised them that I would address all their demands about improving the roads, street lights and sewage that were pending for over 30 years. I had proposed to set up an MLA trust where I would pool in money to address these problems. Despite all this, if they chose to vote for the BJP, I can’t really do much. I can’t be a part of the celebration of my party’s big win. However, I will continue to work for Rohini,” Gupta said.

Atul Gupta, Vishwas Nagar

Lost to OP Sharma (BJP) by 10,158 votes

Claiming he had lost by a “very thin margin”, Atul Gupta said he hoped he would still be able to fulfil the wishes of the constituency. “I am one of the few candidates who couldn’t secure a seat for my party. But it is important to point out that I have lost by a very thin margin. People from JJ colonies and slums, minority groups and especially semi-urban areas voted for me in large numbers. So, it is now my responsibility to ensure I deliver on what I’d promised if voted to power,” said Gupta who secured 47,966 votes.

Mohammed Yunus, Mustafabad

Lost to Jagdish Pradhan (BJP) by 18,139 votes

Yunus blamed his defeat on his late induction into the party. “I was brought very late in the party and I did not have time to campaign. This benefitted the sitting BJP candidate,” Yunus, who got 49,791 votes, said. The 53-year-old social worker, who lost from the Muslim-dominated constituency, said he has called for a volunteers’ meeting to assess where he went wrong. “We fell short somehow. The people of Mustafabad probably did not believe in our promises,” he said.