The River and the Deity

Yamuna and Krishna have an intertwined life.

Written by Katyayini Singh | Published: June 4, 2013 2:21:28 am

Yamuna and Krishna have an intertwined life. Yamuna’s other name is Krishna and in the Mathura-Vrindavan region,she is considered as his wife,” says Bharatanatyam dancer Justin McCarthy. His Krishna-centric choreography is part of Yamuna Sutra,a two-day dance festival that will focus on Yamuna,both as a river and a deity. In collaboration with Yadartha Trust,there will be an Odissi recital by Supriya Nayak on June 4,a Bharatanatyam performance by McCarthy on June 5 and a dance drama choreographed by McCarthy on both days.

“The dance drama is based on Carnatic composer Thyagaraja’s Nauka Charitam. It’s a story of how Krishna created a storm in Yamuna while he was on a boat ride with the gopis because they were becoming arrogant and needed to be taught a lesson,” he says. It will be performed by his students from the Bharatiya Kala Kendra,for the first time. “We will be performing 11 songs,each connected through a narration to provide continuity,” says McCarthy. Supriya Nayak’s Odissi recital will also revolve around the exploits of Krishna as a child. “Krishna spent his childhood on the banks of Yamuna much before he became a statesman. We have essentially captured his childhood in our performances,” says McCarthy. On the second day of Yamuna Sutra,McCarthy will be performing a composition by South Indian poet and composer,Muthuswami Dikshitar,which will be based on Yamuna Kalyani raag. Keeping with the theme of the festival,instead of the traditional Nataraja,there will be a painting by Gond artists that will depict the Yamuna and fishes.

The Yamuna Sutra will be held at the Indian Habitat Centre on June 4 and 5. Contact: 2468 2001

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