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The rise and rise of world wide web

Social networking sites are now both platforms for arousing conscience and making mischief,blogs are public forums for discussion...

A schools’ initiative from The Indian express

Social networking sites are now both platforms for arousing conscience and making mischief,blogs are public forums for discussion,and information sharing is getting faster and faster. Today’s reporters are passersby with camera phones,and the radio has new channels galore. QUEST,an INDAN EXPRESS initiative covering over 50 schools in Delhi and NCR,had invited its student readers to write in to us with their take on the impact of the new media. Here are the best entries.

1 I am not on Facebook or any of the social networking sites,yet it has impacted me just the same.

Everyone on the site remains within reach of each other,even if they live on opposite sides of the globe.

Not being on these websites is like sitting outside a glass house with all your friends inside bursting to say things that you really want to hear but cannot.

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Youtube and Blogspot,which aren’t social networking sites,offer a delightful array of things to do. Many a precious hour has been spent watching videos or giggling over inside jokes put on a friend’s blog. As futile as these activities might seem,they help us develop a sense of humour,know our neighbours a little better and who knows,one might even chance upon interesting pieces of information in the process?

Devika Gupta;X-D
DPS,RK Puram

2 The Net is undoubtedly the largest source of infotainment today. From Wikipedia to WordPress,Yahoo to Youtube,there’s something for everyone. The plethora of information and endless means of communication unleashed by the media has left many people stupefied.

However,there have been a few side-effects. For instance,social networks allow people to make numerous ‘friends’ online- Now,that word is a victim of my sarcasm for many reasons,one of them being that people mingle and discuss issues with total strangers in a manner that would seem scandalous in real life. Also,it has become a trend for people to compete on how many ‘friends’ they have. The hypocrisy here is that we meet dozens of people everyday at work,school or in our neighborhood and yet we never bother to stop and say hello. Internet socialising has become something of a game for many people. Many of us have started spending more time leading ‘virtual’ lives rather than our real lives.


Nevertheless,we have still benefited enormously from the anonymity offered on the Internet. Expressing opinions anonymously has given a voice to many introverts (me included). Pouring out your thoughts freely without having to worry about consequences is a great stress-buster,and must have averted many suicides.

The conclusion? On the Net,you choose your own poison.

Dev Dutta; XII-E,
Delhi Public School,Dwarka

3 “What is the impact of New Media on your life?” When I put this to a few people,I mostly heard: “New? Hasn’t this been around for ages?” Apparently,no one today can live life without social networking and blogging. Until recently,I was one of the rebels who weren’t permanent residents of cyberspace. Though I was proud for having resisted peer pressure,I felt out of the loop. At school,any new episode seemed to originate from a ‘poke’ on Facebook or a ‘scrap’ on Orkut. I could never understand lunch-time talk because I hadn’t seen the new Youtube video. I finally snapped. Now,I have multiple online profiles,numerous friendlists and am an encyclopaedia of everything posted on Youtube. I don’t know anyone on those lists. I can’t remember my last face-to-face conversation. I have thus transformed from a human being to a cyberspace addict,unapologetically.

Soumya Gupta; XII-C
Vasant Valley School


4 The New Media is the rage nowadays and has immensely affected the life of many individuals,especially youngsters. Whether the impact is beneficial or not is a tricky question because it has both pros and cons. Though the elders consider it to be a total waste of time,that argument does not seem to go a long way with the youngsters.

Orkut and Facebook help us keep in touch with old friends and people living far away. By joining different communities and talking to people,we can explore various fields which increase our awareness and benefit us. At the same time,using the same means for idle gossip and spending most of our time on it while keeping at stake our studies and other important things (which most of us unfortunately end up doing) is completely wrong. The New Media is highly beneficial if it is used properly. Youtube has videos related to our studies and also the latest discoveries (though only few of us know this) but it can also have an adverse impact on the present generation,with illegal and obscene videos also being posted on the site. Even radio today seems to be all about Bollywood gossip. Listening to all this everyday has generated a huge interest in today’s generation. Knowledge of important events is have thus receded to the background.

A recent study in Britain showed that the students who are a part of Facebook tend to score lower marks. I hope this does not happen in our country but if the youngsters keep on wasting their precious time on useless things,the same condition may prevail in our country. Well,the sum and substance of everything is that the new media has a huge impact on our lives,both good and bad.

Nidhi Kapoor; X-C
St Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School,Janakpuri

5 New Media,which should be a boon for everyone,is actually a bane. Many illegal activities take place thanks to these sites. There are certain communities which spread hatred among people. In an era where aggression,contempt are common,social networking sites do not do any good.


Most of these sites have led to further deterioration of our culture and heritage. Already satellite television had done a lot of damage. Orkut and Facebook have added to it.

True,in the fast and busy life that we lead today,these sites help us in being in touch with our friends and relatives but we need to be extremely careful. There are so many fake people around that it is extremely scary.


I personally feel it is better if we keep away from such sites and if we cannot keep away then we need to use them judiciously.

Anindita Das Munshi,XI-C
St Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School,Meera Bagh

First published on: 04-06-2009 at 02:06:40 am
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