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‘Study harder and wiser to beat competition’

These days getting admission in renowned universities and institutes such as Delhi University and IIT has become a very tough.

These days getting admission in renowned universities and institutes such as Delhi University and IIT has become a very tough. This is mainly because of the high cut-offs the institutes and colleges have,mostly in the range of 95 per cent to 100 per cent. Now,the students not only have to deal with higher cut-offs but also have to be consistent in their academics as Class XII results will also be given an equal weightage with the entrance exams for admission to IITs. One more reason for increase in the competition is that the population of the country is rising,but not the number of institutes and colleges for higher education. The demand for seats is rising while the number of eats remain the same. Reservation also has a role to play in making the competition stiff. The institutes should convert seats left vacant in the reservation category to general so that all seats are filled and,also,more students will be able to take admission. To deal with the competition,students must devote at least 16 hours every day to their studies. They should be ready to face the burden of studies and should realise how important these early years are. Studies should be done based on a fixed time-table. But the most important thing is that students should have enough will power and should be hardworking. There is a saying: “We cannot achieve anything in life until we work hard for it”.

Aashray Sanghi,IX-C

The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

“Competition is the same,not for one but for all.” This thought helps a lot in keeping the pressure off. Perhaps,the cut-off marks of 98 per cent is too demanding and the ever-changing format of IIT-JEE is too nerve-racking,but again each one of us has been subjected equally to this pressure. The choice is entirely ours as to how we take the pressure — Do we let it drive us insane so much so that we think of committing suicide,or do we let it ignite the fire to work harder so as to put our best foot forward? As unrealistic as it may seem,everyone expects us to score in the range of 99-100 per cent in the Boards and get AIR 1 in IIT-JEE. It is perhaps the burden of these expectations that our young shoulders are unable bear but what is life without a little hint of anticipation? The whole idea is not about what we are expected to do,but about doing what we can do,regardless of what people think.The kind of scenario prevailing today is open to interpretation. We can sulk about everything in the system or we can simply do what we are supposed to do and leave the rest to karma.

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Rhea Saikia,XII

Kalka Public School,Alaknanda

Today,every field you choose is difficult as you have to work hard,especially if you are a student of science and want to become an engineer. Studying well into the late hours,with a cup of coffee,giving all your attention to studies and,still feeling lousy because the cut-offs in some of the best good colleges are too high for us to meet.

A class has two types of students. The first comprises those students who are good in studies and others who are just average in studies. Every student can score good marks,but it is the hard work which decides the result. Because God has given everyone the same kind brain,it all depends on how each person uses his/her intelligence. So every student has to put in their 100 per cent to achieve the best in their lives.

Once you choose a path,you cannot turn back. You have to walk the path till the end,even if there are hundreds of hurdles along it. Only then can you jump over the hurdles and reach the top.

As the saying goes, “Every problem has a solution”,and so these cutoffs too have a solution. We should work hard to attain marks. Only practice,practice and more practice makes a man perfect. “Work hard from Class IX to Class XII,then have as much fun you want,” is what parents always keep saying and this is very true. Our parents expect a lot from us as we are their future. Later on in life,we will have our own identities. Then we cannot depend on our parents for everything. My father always say,that we should work hard during our early years so that we can have as much fun as we want till the end of our lives. But if we don’t work hard in your youth,then our life will be spoiled and we will have to struggle a lot,so work hard in the present to enjoy a better future.

Tanishka Singh,IX-E

St Thomas’ School,Mandir Marg

With increasing competition among students,board exams and entrance tests have become a transparent and dependable method to admit the crème de la crème of the lot. Entrance exams create a more level-playing field for students as they prepare to enter the hallowed corridors of some of the best and colleges and institutions in the country. If the board exams papers are generally set keeping in mind the average school student,the entrance exams pit against each other the best brains in the country,for a few seats.


The general rule about when to start preparing for boards and entrance exams is simple — the sooner the better. Students start as early as Class IX preparing for the IIT-JEE,which is considered one of the toughest exams to crack. For medicine and CA-CPT,they start preparing from Class XI.

Preparing for entrance tests and board examinations together may become a bit of a juggle for students and,therefore,affective mentoring holds the key to success. Though there is no substitute for hard work,test preparation institutes and school teachers help identify your weak areas,make you practice regularly,monitor your progress and help solve doubts whenever you get stuck.

Start thinking about a strategy which you need to apply in your exams. You need to play to your strengths. Time management holds the key in all entrance tests as well as board exams.


One of the critical hinges is to maintain one’s cool while taking the exam. Remember there are many questions that you can attempt and you can do that only if you master the art of test-taking.

Ipsa Babbar ,XII-B

ASN Sr Sec School,Mayur Vihar

The 21st century is the age of competition. Students are scoring more and more and that is why the cut-offs in colleges have gone up. To meet the challenge,students should prepare themselves accordingly. Students must attend their classes regularly. They should concentrate on the topic being taught daily and should do self-study thoroughly. They should do ample practice of numerical,HOTS questions and MCQ’s as these questions are an integral part of IIT-JEE. Student should study according to the IIT pattern. They should practice previous years’ question papers. To cope with the high cut-offs in DU,students should concentrate on regular practice rather than one time-studying ahead of the exam. They should prepare class notes for theoretical subjects. For scoring high in English,they must have a good command over the language. They must manage their plan for each subject and give proper time to each subject. They must keep updating their knowledge. In the end,it is advisable for every student that they should have competitive aspects in each and every field.

Deeksha Jain,XII-C

ASN Sr Sec School,Mayur Vihar

With DU cut-offs increasing and IIT-JEE exam format changing,there is going to be more competition among students. This competition leads to intense stress. The pressure is on students to get admission in elite colleges. Students should not overload themselves with classes and extra curricular activities in hopes of creating a perfect college resume. They should focus on a study schedule based on quality and not quantity. We should remember that the college admission process is the beginning of our collegiate career,not the end. Students should forget about the pressure from peers,parents and society. There is nothing wrong in comparing ourselves with our peers. However,we should not turn the college-admission process into a competition. We should measure ourselves against our own progress and achievements. If we continuously compare ourselves with others ,we will end up disappointed. As we get closer to college admission,we would have a better understanding of where we stand in the application process. We should select a healthy mix of colleges or universities. While almost everyone has at least one dream college,we should not pressurise ourselves into thinking that there is only one college out there for us. Many students do not get into their preferred colleges but still have a fulfilling college experience. Ultimately,the important thing is to avoid unnecessary pressure and to focus on ourselves. As long as we are putting our best foot forward,the stress and pressure due to increasing competition should prove manageable. Remember nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. No one can cheat you out of success. So,continuous hard work is the only way to accomplish results that last.

Aishwarya Natarajan,XI-B

ASN Sr Sec School,Mayur Vihar

A student always aspires to prepare a good marksheet as this broadens the scope to craft a great professional career. Schools and colleges help in this field effectively. However,currently,Delhi University cut-off marks have become very high. The change in the IIT-JEE pattern has also created a buzz among students. Most of the aspirants are eliminated in the race to get admission in these colleges. The problem has not arrived suddenly,but,rather,worsened gradually.

This is because the examination system has made it easy to get high marks. Students are trying their best to get higher marks and,as a result,the competition during college admission is higher.


To deal with this,one has to be dedicated to studies. One should have grasp over the subject,enhance his/her skill and knowledge to land a good college. Guidance should be taken from the teachers as it is effective in getting good marks.

Individuals who aim to be a part of the IITs need to study hard and manage their time better. Good time management is one of the key factors that can turn your dream of graduating from branded institutions come true. Maintain an optimistic attitude and always try to seek out the best in you. A lot of knowledge and regular practice are required to survive in this cut-throat competition.


Rely on yourself to complete your education. Don’t be surprise with the Delhi University cut-offs,as it’s also a part of educational life. The creator of your marksheet is you,and,therefore,without cribbing about the competition,go on with your studies in a systematic manner to progress in life.

Subhi Srivastava,XI-C

ASN Sr Sec School,Mayur Vihar

“All work and no play,makes Jack a dull boy.” But it seems that nowadays,even if jack does not play at all and just studies all day long. Even then,it will not enough to ensure Jack is a successful man in the future,courtesy the high cut-offs and the changed format of IIT-JEE.


It does not matter how much you grill yourself or thoroughly rote-learn your syllabus,you still might not be eligible to for admission in your preferred college or course. With cut-offs in DU going as high as 100 per cent in Commerce and 99 per cent in Science streams,the competition to do well in the Boards has increased ten-fold. Also,the recently announced change in the IIT-JEE pattern has received flak from aspiring students,teachers and parents alike. The Education Ministry’s motive to give importance to the Board exams for the IIT admission is surely an issue of concern.

Already striving hard to do well in the Boards,the Class XII students all over India now have no choice,but to score nothing less than 95 per cent. Though DU attracts lakhs of aspirants every year,most of them fail to make the high cut-off,which keep climbing every year.

While the IIT Entrance pattern has now decided to select only the top 20 percentile of students from all boards to qualify for the IIT Main paper,they fail to realise that some boards are comparatively easier than the CBSE or ICSE Boards. So students from other boards have an upper-hand over those appearing for CBSE and ICSE exams.

Two years ago,when the CBSE Class X exams were partially abolished and CCE pattern was introduced,it was done so with the aim of reducing pressure on students. But,today,the whole pressure is now on Class XII students.

While many students may be disappointed once their Board results are announced,as they did not do as well as expected,DU cut-offs and IIT entrance exams just add to the pressure on them. They then have search for private institutions and opt for courses they would never have been their first choice. While universities in our own country consider them eligible for seeking admissions,foreign universities welcome these students with open arms.

Coping with the pressure of scoring extremely high in Board exams,so as to be eligible for DU admissions and clearing the IIT entrance test have recently become a matter of serious concern. As the students juggle with their coachings/tuitions and school,they are not just required to have one goal but a series of goals in order to just make a career of chosen course.

If this is the present scenario,one can only imagine what it would be like in the future.


Hillwoods Academy,Preet Vihar

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