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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Shoot at Sight

Hungarian photographer Laszlo Berta has travelled to India and Sri Lanka 14 times in pursuit of rare birds. An exhibition at the Hungarian Information and Culture Centre,titled ‘Odd One Out’,named after a rare picture of a bat from Sri Lanka,shows his 10-year collection of avians. Berta’s ability to capture birds such as the Sandpiper,the Woodpecker,the Columbo Crow and the Common Buzzard is what can be called cinematic moments. This is his second exhibition in India.

Published: April 11, 2013 3:59:54 am

A Bat that Bowled Us

The Fruit bat was clicked in Negombo,Sri Lanka. The odd one out,Berta deliberately used this image to “create a twist”. A one of a kind photograph,the bat has its eyes wide open. Berta recalls that many people who saw this photograph,mistook it for a smaller bird at first glance.

Trophy Bird

These Bee-eaters are from Kunadacs,Hungary. Every year,the country hosts the Birdlife Hungary Bird of the Year Campaign. For 2013,the Bee-eater was chosen as the winning bird and Berta was the photographer for the campaign.

Haze Story

This picture of Ruddy Shelducks in Goa is Berta’s favourite image from the series. It is also the only blurry picture,done by a special technique where the camera focuses on one object,while moving to create a hazy effect. In this case,the Shelducks were found near a railway station surrounded by marsh land.

The exhibition is on at the Hungarian Information and Culture Centre till April 20. Contact: 23011152

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